Championship Event in Atlanta for 2007 = Confirmed (possibly 2008 & 2009 too)

2007 FIRST Championship Site Announced

**TO: FIRST Community **
**FROM: Bob Tuttle, Executive Director **
**Steve Chism, Senior Director of Programs **

**RE: 2007 FIRST Championship Site **
DATE: August 22, 2004

FIRST is very pleased to announce the selection of Atlanta as the host city for the 2007 FIRST Championship. With the 2006 Championship already committed to Atlanta, 2007 will mark the fourth consecutive year our premier event will be held at the Georgia Dome. The 2007 agreement includes options to continue in Atlanta for 2008 and 2009.

Our decision to return to Atlanta is based on the city’s combination of event facilities, accommodations, transportation and attractions. The FIRST Championship will once again showcase the FIRST Robotics Competition, FIRST LEGO League and the pilot of FIRST Vex Challenge. All three competitions will be based in the Georgia Dome and the adjacent Georgia World Congress Center.

Atlanta’s rich history of hosting world class sporting events and its proven ability to superbly host our Championship event make it a perfect fit for the FIRST Championship. We look forward to the city’s genuine Southern hospitality making it a wonderful host city for the FIRST teams and their families.

W00t for my hometown of A-town!! See yall here.

So does this mean we can book our flights in advance now?

Atlanta is a great place, I think anyplace that is willing to hold a Championship is a good place. Indy would of been great, as would of Disney, but the Georgia Dome and Congress Center is a tough place to beat. Not to mention there is actually a bit of room left to expand over there too.

Yuppers, Lisa (Perez) showed me this earlier. Mixed feelings but it should be good. Kinda wish it was closer because of $$ but if we can get the $$ it should be a fun trip!

Im glad, we had a blast in ATL last year. We enjoyed everything, the walk from pits to field was long but it was way worth it.

It still beat Houston by a LONG way, especially when you take the uphill trip into account. Atlanta didn’t really have one of those; Houston did, and it was killer.

That is really true Houston wasn’t a fun trip from pits to field if you were not an operator and there was less room and not many things to do out side of the comp. ATL has been awesome every year and I am very pleased that it will continue to be held there for at least the next 2 years and hopefully more. there is so much room for expansion for FIRST FLL and VEX.

I enjoyed it a lot more staying at the Embassy Suites rather then a mile away in town. I’m getting some knowledge about how to deal with Atlanta now, and it will be good for longer now. :slight_smile:


If you knew what the date for 07 was…and if we were less than 330 days from that date.

I didn’t go to nats in Houston, and I think I’m glad I didn’t based on all the horror stories. I have been to Disney though, and obviously Atlanta can’t beat that, but I still like Atlanta a lot. Relatively cheap to fly into from the west coast, tons of hotels (with incredibly reasonable prices compared to Disney) and nice weather.

4/11/07 to 4/14/07 ( )

Looking forward to seeing everyone here in ATL again!

I just looked at the calander and saw

04/24/06 - 04/29/06

for the date of the FIRST Championships.


hahaha boy, I cant read.

He posted 2007 dates not 2006.

I like it in Atlanta…close to Florida so I still can go…but not if i have exams :frowning:

past 2 years has been fun… i didn’t like houston but Disney was okay. Not much room for everything but all is well.

Good luck to everyone this coming season :slight_smile:

Funny, I thought Tuttle stepped down already.

Actually, Paul Shay was the Executive Director of FIRST that stepped down earlier this year. Bob Tuttle is the interim Executive Director of FIRST.


I’m so happy.

This will definitely help us students at Tech. See you guys at the dome.

I think a great place would be Philly, the city of brotherly love but yeah, I haven’t been to Atlanta yet, so who knows

Ah, thanks, brain fart.

I had SO much fun in Atlanta these past 2 years… I can’t wait to continue it!

Very cool. Hopefully by the time I’m done with High School, I should have most of Atlanta covered. Let’s see, what have I covered :rolleyes: : the Coke factory, Turner HQ, CNN center, I think I saw the MLB field, the downtown area, MARTA, the airport, the underground mall, Georgia Dome and World Congress Centre (duh!), did they have a Panasonic store?, … … … that’s all I can think of.