Championship Event Team Photos Now Online

These have been available for awhile now, but I figured I’d post the information here on Chief Delphi to spread the word. As stated in the handouts we distributed throughout the pits in Atlanta, Team 48’s photographer Bob Jadloski and several of our collegiate mentors have prepared samples of all the team photos taken in front of the FIRST banner. You can view these at the website above. You are welcome to save the images off the website if you like, but they max out at about 9" x 7".

As he has done for many teams already, Bob will email a team’s full size high resolution picture file to them if they request it. Please, only one request per team. Please email any requests to rockshotz AT hotmail DOT com.

Option to order Printed Photos and Posters

If you wish to order high-quality printed 8x10 and 11x14 photos or 24 x 36 standard or laminated posters, you can…

  • click the “Add photo to cart” button underneath each photo you are interested in on the gallery website. This will take you to a page where you can enter the desired quantities of prints. If you wish to order prints for more than one photo, click the “Continue shopping” button
  • Upon clicking the “Continue to Checkout” button, you are taken to an order summary page where you can verify desired quantities. From there, click “Checkout” to fill in your contact information and submit it.
  • An email will be sent to Bob when you complete this process, and he will then contact you to complete the balance of the transaction.
    A few pictures, including about 30 or so pictures of unidentifiable teams or groups, have yet to be posted to the gallery. Please be patient. If you know you were in one such picture (or never gave your information to Bob), you may wish to email him.

In addition, if any team would like to contact Bob about their free 8x10 print, send him an email. If you’ve already given him your info, again, please be patient - he is trying to take care of those who are attempting to get their pictures done in time for team banquets and such. He will process all free picture requests in due time. It may be faster to bypass the free print and ask him to send you the hi-res picture file instead.


Thank you for posting these!