Championship Event WATSON Challange

To all those attending Nationals/Championships in Atlanta, WATSON Robotics is challenging you and your team to a game of football on the Wednesday before the competition. April 20th at 3pm at Centennial Olympic Park. We will supply the cones, the balls and at least 8 students and up to 12 students/mentors to partcipate in a great game of football. Rain or Shine we will be playing out there and all teams are welcome to join us. We can play multiple games at this time and we would like to get an approximate number of how many will play. We would love to get a elimination style of tournament going if enough people are intrested. Wearing old team t-shirts would be recommanded and the play would likely be two hand touch. If you have any suggestions or would like to partcipate or watch reply to to this thread.

Nate Edwards
WATSON Robotics Team 957
Cornerback/Quarterback/Wide Receiver

P.S. After the game we can all celebrate by sending three representatives to uncrate as the rest of our team can relax in anticipation of the next day

We are always up for sports. However, i am not sure if we will be able to make it that early wednesday. I will ask the teacher who was arranging for the bus, and let you know if we will be playing :slight_smile: .

We can always push it back to 5 if that is more convient for teams, just as long as it doesn’t interfere with the uncrating on wednesday.

Ummm, I wasn’t aware teams got to uncrate their robots Wednesday.

As far as I know, FIRST doesn’t allow you in the venue Wednesday unless you’re a volunteer. Uncrating should occur Thursday morning.

I would be up for some football myself, though. :slight_smile:

Its in the site info for the championship event. Its a new thing this year. check it out here

I was under the same impression, BTW Thankyou Nate, i will let you know the time we can make it.

ah, wow, I had no idea, thanks for pointing this out.

That should do a lot to help make Thursday morning a LOT less hectic in the pits.

Thats what you get for assuming you dont need to read that section of the rulebook since you aren’t on a team anymore :rolleyes:

If I can convince some of my team members, we will definitely come. If not I wouldn’t mind joining someone elses’ team. But two-hand touch, I was thinking tackle will really show the spirit of FIRST.

You wouldnt want that , specially if your human player or driver is playing! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

oooo both issues area must to bring up to my team, thanks for the info!

anyone else up for the challenge?

hmmm I always though ultimate frisbee was the unofficial sport of FIRST competitions, but football is always fun.

The football game has been scheduled for 4:30 pm at the park. Uncrating is at 6 so this leaves at least an hour and half to play for the 3 team reps and then the rest of the team can keep playing or play frisbee, I will bring equipment for both.

We are always up for some football, but being a team from just outside atlanta, i dont think we get there until thursday. If theres time on one of the other days u will know where to find us

im up for a good game of football but id have to either convince some of my team members or just join up with someone elses team. thats also assuming well be getting down there in time to play.

We might try to play a game after the pits are closed on Thursday or Friday. Obviosuly not Saturday cause its the team social in the park. But I think we will probaly try and fit in a second round of games. I will hand out flyers for the Thursday or Friday one at championships depending on what would would work best. I am pumped and ready for the Wednesday game, we are excited to do something on our “day off”… My team will be out there playing and it seems to me we will probaly have a couple extra to join the team of mixed teammates. It will be fun. I will post the rules next week. If anyone has any preferences on the second game then please post them here. Thanks to all those who have said they want to play. See you in Atlanta.


So i talked to my teacher. Now, we might arrive there around 2:00; i am not gonna promise but if everything works out and my team is up for it, we will be there.

If I remember correctly, there is a fairly large grass field right outside the Gorgia Dome. Last year, everyone passed by it on the way from the pits to the stands and back. You face it as you travel down that huge outdoor escalator. This allows for easy pick-up games during lunch. If you want to play on Thursday or Friday, I would recommend that field if it is avaliable.

thats an option but lunch is sometimes hetic … lunch can be ultimate frisbee however. That would be lots of fun also.

Well, if everything works out some or all of us will be there. however i would think that this park is quite huge, and if so do we meet in a designated area? Also, i know football is big in the US. But would you guys also (after some games of football) be willing to play anyother sports, for example soccer?. :rolleyes: (just a thought)