Championship Field Lists?

As week 5 of competition wraps up, we will soon be told what teams are on what field in Championships this year. When/where exactly will we be informed what teams are where?

The short answer: it varies from year to year when FIRST posts the divisions. The question was also raised in this thread. And specifically answered in this post.

Oh, I did not realize this question was raised in another thread. Thanks for the posting other threads and an answer. Sorry for posting a copy thread. =/

The other thread is more about the TBA Division predictor, I’m not surprised you missed it in search. Hopefully everyone with this question will see this thread and get the answer.

This question is going to be on everyone’s mind till Wed. Enjoy TBA’s predictions as 469 shifts in and out of your division. Then watch as FIRST randomises it again blowing everyone’s predictions (last year I was speculatively adding MI teams then FIRST throws the curve ball).