Championship - Final Round Animations

Approximately 325 animations were submitted in this year’s AVA competition, and out of them, 56 have made it to the Championship judging round. Congratulations! To all teams that put effort into creating animations this year! :slight_smile:

Well…what do you guys think? What are you going to do in preparation for the award announcement? My animation team is planning to take over a school computer lab, fire up a projector, and munch through early-morning snacks while the opening ceremony is underway in Atlanta. (Assuming that the award announcement time has not changed)

Posted on Streamline, April 20th

Autodesk Visualization Award 2006


Team 103 has it in the bag. We saw it at the Philly Regional and it was by far a good animation.

Be sure to take a look at 662’s animation. Daniel’s team did an amazing job on it this year, it’s already won the Denver animation award, a student emmy, and has a VERY good chance at taking the national student emmy award.

Good luck to all of the other animation teams!

Watch out for 114! Our two sophomore animators did an AMAZING job this year, and we’ve already won the animation award at all three regionals we attended. I’d say are chances are pretty good this year. Good luck everyone!

Mike C.

1573’s animation was by far the best in concept, execution and in technical expertise.

I’m very proud that my guys at 25 made it into the list. The animation team is brand new and primarily the result of a parent and an alumnus working with a bunch of freshmen members. They did a great job and will only improve in the future!!

WC :cool:

I really liked 116’s animation. I really liked the theme of 1414’s and it had great execution, not to mention they are the defending champs.

Please everyone, lets be more mature then saying XX is going to win because they are so much more awesome then everyone else!

This thread is quickly degenerating into people saying with utmost confidence that team XXX will win. Me personally? I think my team did a hell of a job winning 3 regionals, but I’m still not confident about nationals. Many teams are good, and its best to accept that not everyone has the same opinion about animations.

Lets congratulate others on succeeding, and hope they do well. I’ll start off with saying that 25 had a very well made animation both technically and conceptually. It’s nice to see them on the list.

Kudos to 192, they had a superb animation which was perhaps ruined by compression artifacts, they deserved to make it in.

It’s no different that people say what robot win the championship. I just think they should take the time to look at the other animations before making those decisions (much easier to do for the animatiors than people predicting which robots are best).
That being said I noticed that what FIRST prefers for animation on the National level is a whole different animal from what they prefer on the regional level, which annoys me to no end. Vote one way or the other but don’t change the process. I say let the animators vote for it instead of some panel of experts.

There’s certainly a difference in saying “xxx has it all, with both superb creative, technical, and conceptual work” and saying “XXX is the best in technical, conceptual, and creativity”

It’s always fun to make predictions on CD about who will win, but don’t sound as if your predictions are the ultimate truth.

It’s only an opinion. Please don’t be so defensive.

I definatly agree because We worked hard on our animation but only won one tournament, and frankly there may be some teams out there who did exceptionally well with their mentor help but I know that we had no help what so ever. We have learned everything on our own and its just two of us. So I dont care what happens I was still the most happiest person walking out of the stadium with the animation award and Winning nationals would only be cool. something else is, teams mostly dont stick to the topic of the animations only making things look cool. That may be easy and look good but it still doesnt follow what is right. Maybe some teams should stay on topic or not get judged at all. I havent seen any other teams that have won yet really so I hope that they all have a chance by staying on topic, Otherwise i am sorry. But people shouldnt say that XXX team is amazing and won already because KARMA… you talk like you already win, you wont win… its just fact

SO let me get this straight: You’re telling me that I should not voice my OPINION because it might offend the finalist? So what about the teams that didn’t make the finals? Should we not discuss the animations at all because they’re feeling are already hurt?
Do you guys go stomping around in the top five threads and go scolding people about saying what robots will succeed or not. I am one of the first people who thinks that the popularity threads are useless, mostly due to a lack of information but I certainly do not have the nerve to tell anyone that they do not have the right to voice their opinion. That’s why this board was made.

Ed’s right, everyone has the right to voice their opinion, everyone has an equal chance of winning, and ed is just making a conclusion as to who he thinks will win from the animations he’s seen, should we stop making FF leagues because people might get upset that their team was chosen last or close to it?

On a lighter note im very proud of our animation team who worked very hard this year for making the list, and very happy for all of the 56 teams who made it into the final round, great jobe everybody

oh im sorry no i did not mean it in anyway that you should voice your oppinion I just dont think that a soul team like mine should be like Team 302 OWNS and we already won <— that was an example I didnt mean you should voice your oppinion because some teams out there did way better than we did and that was amazing Im very proud of other teams

My opinion was made about a team that I’m not even involved with.
My team didn’t make the final cut so I’m picking from the pool of finalist. I liked that animation from the first time I saw it and I’m not changing that opinion because some people think that it’s unfair.

Now I wonder how the First Round of Professional Judging picked the animations that didn’t win Regionals. Obviously they didn’t pick a second animation for every Regional (56 total - 33 regional winners = 23 animations) but looked at all of them and chose another top two dozen or so. Does anyone know? Whether Autodesk had to have 56 animations for the national competition or was it more like, nominate all of the good animations that didn’t win Regionals?

Koko, please understand that no one is asking you to censor your opinion. The point here is, it’s sometimes best to use different wording. The usage of by far the best normally denotes that everyone elses animation is awful or mediocre in comparison. I’d say using the words “a top canidate for nationals” or “one of the best animations submitted” a better wording.

If I posted that Team 5 was by far the best robot out there, I would be saying that other teams are mediocre, or even poor in comparison. This can easily be percieved as an insult.

Please don’t take this the wrong way. I’m not asking you to censor your opinions or change them. I understand that you’re presenting it as an opinion, but the way it is said seems to insult other teams. I know this is not your intention, but it is percieved in that manner.

Now I wonder how the First Round of Professional Judging picked the animation that didn’t win Regionals. Obviously they didn’t pick a second animation for every Regional (56 total - 33 regional winners = 23 animations) but looked at all of them and chose the top two dozen or so. Does anyone know? Whether Autodesk had to have 56 animations for the national competition or was it more like, nominate all of the good animations that didn’t win Regionals?

I don’t exactly know how Autodesk deems animations worthy for judging, I doubt they have a set quota. My guess is that judges simply look at animations and just decide whether they are good or not. I assume the judges have a set criteria to match.

Perhaps they have the judges do a quick scoring of all the animations, and then declare a certain cutoff threshold. This seems like the best and most fair way to do this.

I doubt student scores are used in this process, as the documents received declared that the first round of judging was to be professional.

As for animation, I’m very happy for all teams who were chosen, all of us put in an inordinate amount of time and effort - and that making it on the list is a stellar achievement.

Can someone please post the winners of the AVA competition after they’re announced? It turns out that I won’t be able to watch the webcast of the event after all. I heard that the announcement time is tentatively 8:45am tomorrow, sometime during the opening ceremony. It’d be 5:45am local time for me. >__< I doubt I have enough willpower to wake up that early anyways.

I would like to know as well. I may be able to watch parts of the openening ceremony during my 3rd period Comp. Graphics class, but that doesn’t start until 9:00 am, and I was having trouble getting the webcast to play properly on the school computers :frowning: