Championship Forums - Highlight Thread

FIRST has made their selections for the Championship Forums, to be presented Wednesday evening and Thursday in Atlanta.

FIRST has asked all of the presenters to work to promote the forums and their particular presentations, so this thread is to begin that process.

I request that this thread be only posted by the presenters and that if there is more discussion on a particular topic to be carried on, that a new thread be started for that topic.

Suggested Format -

Discussion about the topic

SUBJECT - Decision Making Process, Implementation and Results for a Swerve Drive System

PRESENTERS - 2 Students and 1 Mentor - FRC 234

DISCUSSION - This presentation will step through the team discussion on swerve options, the decision to purchase “Wild Swerve” modules, our implementation steps, and the lessons learned from last fall and this competition season.

SUBJECT - Developing and Maintaining a Strong Sponsor Base

PRESENTERS - 2 Students and 1 Mentor - FRC 234

DISCUSSION - FIRST is expensive, and it takes a strong sponsor base to maintain financial health as an FRC team. We will talk about how we identify potential sponsors, develop a relationship with them, involve them with our team, and then maintain the relationship long term. The discussion will cover both large corporate sponsors and smaller community based businesses.