Championship historical data

I posted a version of this data as a whitepaper, but I have now made it more user-friendly: consecutive championship appearances and which championships a team has qualified for. Please let me know if there are any other reports you are interested in seeing from this data, and I will see about generating them. Also, let me know if there are any errors in the data, and I will correct them.

(FRC data from TBA, FTC data from FIRST lists.)

Looks awesome, but the problem with using TBA data for Einstein is that TBA lists teams that won awards as competing on Einstein.

For example, 3504 hasn’t competed on Einstein but they’re listed as competing from 2013-2015.

Much of this us correct, and interesting, but there are also. Dozens of errors. For example, it says 3990 attended 2015 Einstein, when actually this was the first year 3990 has not attended championships. It also lists “5212” as a 2014 Einstein team and does not list 5012 as a 2015 Einstein team.
There are definitely other errors, and as Gregor mentioned, it lists championship level team awards as teams attending Einstein, which might be something interesting to track, but separately.

Does anyone have a more reliable data source than TBA which does not require me to go through each division, each year, on the FIRST site and pull down teams?