Championship internet and video

I have a few questions regarding internet and video at the championship in Atlanta…

Is there Internet available at the event?
Where is it available (Dome, convention center etc.)
What type (wifi, LAN)?
Is it usually fast or around dial up speed? (if we wanted to upload videos to our website from the event…)

Is it possible to connect to the video system with our own recording equipment?
What type of AV connectors are usually used? (so I can bring the right cables and adapters)
Are all the devisions taped or only selected ones?
Are the FLL and FVC events taped?

Thanks in advance
team 1577

typically there is no internet in the dome itself. Last year there was free wi-fi at the vex demo area, which i assume not to be there this year (since vex is already released). I would say your best bet at internet would be at your hotel.

As for Av patches i know they are offered at regionals, but have no idea about the championship because not everyone has access to the field of the georga done.

I can say that is probably going to be archiving all the matches on their website. Maybe you can just link to them after the event is over.

hope that helps.