Championship - Looking for closest Super Wal-Mart or Grocery?

I am looking for the closest Wal-Mart or a place I can get some deli meat when I arrive in Atlanta.

Does anyone recall a place like this I can get to easy using the Marta Rail? Or if I have to, I can shanghi our bus driver…

Go to this link for store locations near the Georgia Dome

Directions from the Georgia dome to the Wal-Mart on Gresham Road,+Atlanta,+GA+30316&sll=33.741756,-84.38221&sspn=0.204982,0.360489&layer=&ie=UTF8&z=14&ll=33.736546,-84.363327&spn=0.051249,0.090122&om=1

According to Google Earth, the closest Wal-Mart Supercenter is at

125 Pavilion Pkwy, Atlanta, GA, 30303

This appears to be about 3-4 blocks from the dome, and only 1 block from the Omni.

I see that you are on team 1501, so does that mean you are staying at the Holiday Inn Express (Best Rd.)? If so, the nearest walmart supercenter(s) is(are)

1133 E West Connector SW, ATL
6065 Jonesboro Rd., ATL

This is according to Google Earth. I don’t think that the cities are right on the last two (I think they are actually in a suburb, but googling them should fix this.)

If you need more info, let me know. I’ll add Wal-Marts to the next update of the hotel Google-Earth file.



Are you sure about the address next to the dome? I did a google map, and hit sat for image, and it put me up north of town. BTY, thanks for the information. At Wal-Mart’s website doesn’t show a Wal-Mart within reach of the marta rail.

Link to Google Map of address 1 block to Omni.

I recall wandering around downtown last year looking for the mythical walmart, and finding nothing…eventually we ended up in one of the visiting parent’s rentacar and driving forever and finding a genuine walmart off in the boonies somewhere (after asking a few local people for directions)

And they didn’t even have what we were looking for, but we did find a home depot (right before they closed) that did.

Ok anyone seen a grocery store within the rail distance? I dunno what they have down there…


Piggly Wiggly?

The main local grocery stores are Publix and Kroger.
There is a Pulix in town and depending on where you are staying could be in walking distance.

There are definitely stores on the rail route but some are easier than others depending on where you are staying.

I was curious in relation to the DOME. I will need to go when I get to the dome.

There is a Publix about 1 mile from the Dome. It is not the best side of the Dome so I would not go alone. Here are the directions from the dome

Depart One Georgia Dome Dr. on US-19 [US-29] (S) Northside Dr. left to front of dome.
Turn right (W) onto Martin Luther King Dr SW [Martin Luther King Dr NW]
Turn right (N) onto Local road(s)
Arrive 825 Martin Luther King Jr Dr NW