Championship marketing material for the general public

I’ve been looking for ways to easily invite the general public to Championship. Right now the best material I can find is the video with Morgan Freeman

But there has to be more than this available.

What would be nice is a web page with some pictures of robots and teams, dates and times for this year’s competition and the location.

A single page flyer that can be printed in color or B/W with the same information would also be nice.

The stuff on the FIRST web site is great for teams and people already familiar with FIRST, but it’s not something I can point the general public at.

Any ideas?

The lack of public focused event information web site has always bugged me as well. For both regionals and CMP. Some team with great web skills ought to put one together.

John Vriezen
Team 2530 “Inconceivable”
Mentor, Drive coach, Inspector

Although this doesn’t pertain to attending an event, I feel it is a good video.

When you do get the general public in, including family, print out the FIRST Lingo Sheets. It provides a very generalized concept of the competition to those who are not familiar.

For a direct download, head over to Froggypedia.

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Try this.


That is the page that prompted my plea for help. It’s terrible, I can’t send the general public to it.

I mean the flyer they link to only has one picture of an FLL robot on it. The biggest picture is of a baseball game. What’s up with that?

The dominant graphic on the page is the championship is in St. Louis for three years, really? Is that the most important message? How about “The Superbowl of Smarts”, now that’s a catchy message. And it needs to have a link to the Morgan Freeman video.