Championship Match Videos Blocked?

Lots of match videos are being blocked on YouTube due to copyright claims. Here’s an example -

Is there anyway FIRST can get those unblocked or remove the audio to have them unblocked? A couple of our matches were blocked and I’m sure other teams would like to have their match videos as well.

Maybe we need to start posting without audio? Could the recordings be picking up the music in the background and the youtube bots are detecting it and flagging it as copyrighted?

That’s exactly what is happening.

Maybe we could consider using a different site like Vimeo instead? They usually have less problems. Or the FIRST page could talk to Youtube/Google because they are a major sponsor to resolve this issue.

Sorry for this and thank you for letting us know about the issue. I’m working with the other video archivers & GameSense to see if we can conjure up a solution. I will let you know asap once it’s ready.

You are usually able to still able to download videos from youtube despite being blocked.*

It isn’t always the best quality but you can still see them.

*so far this has been the case for me. It might always be true.

Thank you for taking the time to get all of these uploaded! It’s amazing that we even have these matches available so soon after the event.

Hi All,

STEMtv is a service I started with my friend Evan (alumni from 1350). We’re working to develop a cloud based service that can automatically record, split, and upload streamed FRC matches to YouTube. We’re super excited that FIRST gave us the opportunity to stream and archive the championship and we’ve got some great things in the pipeline for next season.

Regarding the blocked videos:
YouTube has servers that automatically process all uploaded videos looking for copyright infringement. If a copyright protected song is detected, the video is automatically flagged and its up to the user to address the issue. I’m in contact with FIRST regarding the blocked videos, but it’s the day after championship so give us some time.

Awesome! Thanks for the quick response and for all of your efforts. It’s very much appreciated.