Championship Matches from the Catwalk 2013

Here are six matches that were filmed from the catwalk over the fields at the CMP.

It is interesting to watch Ultimate Ascent from this perspective in that the frisbees are not lines, but circles.

First up:

Match 90 on Newton, featuring my favorite FCS blocker, Team 3574 HIGH-TEKERZ from Burien, Washington, and their inflatable tube. They effectively shut down 195 CyberKnights from their FCS strategy. Note how 195 could still move to the other side of the field and easily make their shots. They probably had the most effective FCS with its targeting control.

Match 89 from Curie featuring 67 HOT and 2 FCS’s. Climb and dump.

Match 91 from Archimedes featuring 254 Cheesy Poofs with great floor pickup and their relatively fast 30 point climb. (not the 7 seconds they showed, but still one of the fastest this year)
Note how their floor pickup stopped at 4 discs. Very cool from this vantage point.

I need help with the next 3 matches. If anyone can help identify the match number and division, please do. It was hard to see the team numbers from overhead.
All of the matches were on Friday afternoon and were between 80 and 95.


Newton or Archimedes


Other videos of matches from the floor:
Match 109 Archimedes Killer Bees

Sorry for the shakiness. Killer Bees build the most beautiful machines.

1114 Match 75 climbing almost dump.

I apologize for the audio and missing the dump. 1114 = crazy good.

**Match 39 MOE **

MOE, always on task with the only centerline autonomous pickup that I was able to capture.

Galileo Match 11 Coyotes

Our eventual world champions. I saw them at GSR, where their win earned them a CMP berth. Their excellent drivers complemented a well designed cycler.
Also featured here is 2648 from Maine, and 295 from Cali. Both Coasts and two countries.

**Match 40 WPI Team 190 Wombo Combo **

Autonomous, good shooter, 30 point climb and dump.

Match 42 Cyber Rolling Thunder Chickens

Great FCS by 195, again. The match was lost due to two failed climbs. :frowning:

**Team Titanium Match 116 **

They didn’t quite pull off their 30 point climb, but Titanium was one of my favorites on all levels. Their POV video was the best of the year for this game. I picked them to go much further.

Here is a great quote from them in the local paper:
*"Going into the divisional finals — as with any sport — there were favorites. One was Team Titanium from Lee’s Summit, outside Kansas City.

“We have a really good program,” said Cameron Lerch, a junior at Lee’s Summit West High School. “We start grooming kids when they’re freshman.”

Yet despite their winning record and all the buzz suggesting they might end up on top this year, they were eliminated before the final. Lerch wasn’t particularly worried, though. He has his eye on the future.

“I used to play baseball,” he said, “but then I went to a couple meetings and fell in love. I saw I had better opportunities with robotics than baseball.”

Still, he planned to be among the cheering thousands as the victorious alliance emerged on Saturday evening."*

Class Act.

You guys are far braver than I am going up there.

We called you on your phone while you were queueing Newton, you could of looked up if you answered, we had to settle for your shiny head. :slight_smile:

I was preoccupied.

Curie match 89 links to Newton match 90.

This is the link you are looking for:

You guys are crazy!

How does one get on the cat walk? Is it possible for a simpleton like myself to scamper up there???

wow nice videos! In some of the videos you start zoomed out, thats when I realized how high you guys were. Gave me vertigo.

U haz 2 be a cat.

Atlanta was crazier.


Hey I can see myself!

Is that for Lunacy, or Acrophobia?

Now that I think about it…both.

Thanks for the compliment! We cooked it up between Portland and Seattle.

The view from the catwalk looks awesome! (I’m weird. I like heights, often more than I like the ground.)

Also entertaining to me: being able to identify not only Alistair (our robot) from that height (he was rather distinctive, wouldn’t you say?), but our drive team (they’re the ones whose heads are lit up. We had fun with LEDs this year, and plan to do more with them in the future).

(Parentheses are awesome.)

Sure these weren’t from Friday?


Not positive, but I think this is Galileo division, match 83.

Newton or Archimedes

It looks like
Newton, QM 84, part 1. the match that did not count.

Your Robot was unique and creative. I spent some time talking to your team in the queue and found them to be knowledgable and engaged.

Thank you, I amended my OP to reflect that. (Still recovering from the season)

Awesome. Thanks for the stills!