Championship Media Coverage

I have been volunteering with the Media Center at the Championship Event since 2008, Overdrive.

We coordinate the media coverage of FIRST at the CMP.
This includes print/web journalists from local communities, as well as National and International news outlets.
One such example, a report by Soledad O’Brien:

I am putting out as request for any compelling stories this year.

I am already aware of many including the trailer crash for 801 (will be at the CMP) and 1592, and Robots 4603 being hijacked from FedEx, etc…

What I am asking:

  1. A list of what teams you think should be watched closely in each Division.
  2. Why you think a specific team may win the CMP Chairman’s Award.
  3. Rookie teams (>4450) that bear watching, and why.
  4. Examples of teams at the CMP who have overcome adversity or triumphed beyond expectations.

You can add to this post, or PM me.
Thank You.

Thanks for the PM’s.