Championship on NASA TV?

Will it be on it this year like it was last year? My parents are looking forward to watch it if its going to be on instead of watching a web cast

No, the Nasa Robotics Site Says this years championship will not be aired on NASA Tv

UPDATE: Its now on NASA TV… WooHoo!!

(see the very top update)

I wish FIRST would try to talk ESPN in showing the championship like tey did in the past. They were showing a Hot Dog eating contest yesterday for crying out loud! FIRST is definately moreinteresting than that or watching people play poker. ARRGH!

That poker stuff is incredibly interesting… i love watching it! and it doesnt get much better than watching fat guys stuff their faces with hot dogs!!

Although you’re right, i would rather be watching FIRST videos :slight_smile:


i agree with you on the Hot Dog contests, but I’m a poker nut, so they gotta keep that. :smiley:

it would be great to get on some network, that would really draw more attention to FIRST and get more people intrested in science and technology, which just happens to be the goal of first :smiley:

the trouble of this is, that its such a HUGE event, 2 days… maybe 3 next year!?! =X… the only way i can see this happening is if the finals are not inturupted with the awards like they were this year… and they have all the division finals, and so on - on the enstien field… and then they broadcast that over ESPN… IMO thats the only way i can see it happen, but yes i would LOVE to see it =D

and yes… Texas Hold’em is awsome… a nice site for fake chip play w/o spam =D

Network TV broadcast + Sponsor logo display on network tv (espn, mtv, usa) = the network wanting huge sums of money to display the logos and the broadcast. Plus then theres fees associated with the staff to tape the show, the editing of the show and other things. Never will they show the event live. Thus is why if you can ever see a clip from the 2000 (i think) espn FIRST show, mch of the broadcast was a blurr, much of the team sponsor logos were censored and alot of the actual competition was cut and pieced together to the networks pleasings…

Thus is one of the many reasons why i think we wont see the FIRST competition broadcasted as an event and not documentary in our future any time soon…