Championship pics

Post your links to your Championship pics if you don’t feel like uploading them to Chief Delphi. I’d resize mine then up them…but why bother, my image gallery works fine for me :slight_smile:

great pics!! feels like i was there :slight_smile:

thank you for sharing!

I just finished uploading more then a 1000 pictures taken at Nationals. It was a lot of work, Thanks to Alex for helping me take all the great pictures. If you find any errors please PM or email me.

~ Akshay:D

Got a few up for now, haven’t organized a gallery yet, and have a lot more to upload.

awesome i feel less hurt by the fact i lost my camera and all my pictures…

Hehe. My page has had about 10000 hits since the beginning of April just because of my image gallery :slight_smile: I guess that isn’t much for some websites…but since the computer that hosts the site is my personal desktop on my piddly DSL line, it’s not that bad.

If you have pictures and no where to display them, feel free to send them this way. I’ll put any pictures in my image gallery. Let me know if you have any by PM’ing me.

Those pictures rock!! I browsed through them and saw our team in two, one of them being: p4110079.jpg --we are the goofy-looking drive team; one guy has messed up orange curly hair, the other has the mohawk, and then there is me jumping up and down behind them. Quuuuite enjoyable. Thanks for bringing back the great memories :slight_smile: (b/c it was oh so long ago and everything;) )

There are about 1300 photos here… :slight_smile:

Take care!

*Originally posted by tchescow *
**There are about 1300 photos here… :slight_smile:

Take care! **

You realize don’t you that we had that snow storm for you folks just because we knew you don’t get snow in Brazil…


I’ve uploaded the pictures I took at the championship event onto our team’s page:

Goto PhotoGalleries then Championship.

Have fun

Aaron Knight
Webmaster and Videographer
Team 891: Neverending Chaos…

*Originally posted by Wayne C. *
**You realize don’t you that we had that snow storm for you folks just because we knew you don’t get snow in Brazil…

:cool: **

Sure! Let me see if I remember… “april madness” right?
It was awesome… can you order more for next year? :smiley:

This may be a bit off topic, but this thread was the closest to what I was looking for.

I’m am looking to create a documentary on FIRST and the 2003 Stack Attack game. It is a bit of a “Yearbook” in a sense, including the year’s highlights, pictures, and reflections on FIRST.

Seeing that my camera put out not so good pictures while in Houston, (still waiting for second roll to develop), I was wondering if I could use the pictures that were posted at the sites above with consent from the those who posted them.

I would appreciate and also be willing to purchase any hardcopies of pictures (of regionals, nationals, build season, teams, robots, team sprit, etc.,) that you may have duplicates of from anyone, as digital/GIF/JPEG images aren’t always preferable for this type of a project.

Please contact me via email or PM if you have any questions, or have pictures. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

~Melissa (Team 1037)

The majority of these links no longer work. Does anyone have a Zip or folder I can download with a lot Houston pics? Thanks!