Championship request from long time FIRST Mentor

I have a request for a few teams that are going to FIRST Championship - Houston. Our sister FLL team (Team 8481) is attending the Houston Championship but recently suffered a great loss. Due to a tragic accident, the primary team teacher and mentor , Jerry Barsby, passed away Saturday April 7th. The team has made the decision to fulfill Jerry’s passion and travel to Houston to compete. The team, and the whole school for that matter, has taken the loss hard. I would like to ask for a little help from the CD community.

I would like to ask that a few FRC and FTC teams find our FLL team in the pits and invite them (along with the mentors and teachers) to see your team, your machines and your passion so that our loss does not slow down the amazing progress that Jerry was making at our school.

Please PM me if you would like additional information about our team and/or contact information for the mentors and teachers that are going to the competition in Houston.

Mike Rush

Our FLL team Info:

Our FTC Team Info:

Jerry’s Obituary:

Sorry for your loss. We would help but even if we qualify this weekend we would be going to Detroit. Know that your team and kids are in our thoughts. I am sure they are going to be overwhelmed by the community, of this I have no doubt.

Sorry for your loss and the teams. However, 2642 would love to help. We will bring our Jr FLL team out to them and show them our robot! We will make sure our students talk to them and show them a good time.

Our frc team would love to take your kids and show them around our pits and robot… please pm me and we can set up the best time to do this… im so sorry for your loss.

Thank you for your well wishes and keeping the team in your thoughts.

… and good luck on your next competition.

On behalf of team 3883 we’re sorry for you’re loss. It’s truly a horrible thing that happens and we wish we could help, but we aren’t going to be in Houston. However 3883 sends their condolences.

I will talk to my FRC team. I am working as assistant scorekeeper in FLL and will be sure to go see your team and visit with them. I understand the loss, my husband died in 2013 and was the battery guru for our team.

Team 3593, Invictus will be in Houston and would love to visit with your team, encourage them and share our passion for FIRST with them. We are so sorry for your loss. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you.

So very sorry for your loss.

We will make sure to stop by with our mascot and say hi :slight_smile: