Championship Robot Modifications

Hey everybody!
So it’s my team’s first year attending the Championship, and we’re quite lost in many ways. After competing in the LA Regional, our team decided to ditch our horrible pick-up mechanism (Just some claws, that due to design faults, didn’t really grab the ball all that well). So we were wondering if it was possible to change our claw intake and replace it for another mechanism. We know there’s a rule that states that team may take up to 45 lbs for modifications, but, once again, we’re not really sure what the rules for the Championship state.

You can replace your parts from your old acquisitions with your new parts. However, ALL manufactured parts must count in your 45 pounds of spares. Other things, such as screws or motors or anything that isn’t modified at all, (with some exceptions) counts in a 500 pound spare limit. So if you had two arms with rollers in between that you wanted to bring in that was 15 pounds, and the motor you connected to it was 2 pounds, 13 pounds of your 45 pound limit on spares would be taken off.

Ok, see we can just swap out our mechanism for another as long as the new one weighs less than 45 lbs, excluding actuators and parts already on the robot?


The easiest way to think of it is that this is just another regional. For divisions, that’s what they are, essentially–just with a few more teams than normal. So, normal regional rules apply.

Johnny, where do you get the 500 lb limit for spares? Unless you’re talking about crate weight (which as I recall is LOWER, and in any case is already a moot point as the crate in question was packed and shipped a week ago), there is no limit on COTS spares.

ooooooooooooooooooooook then Eric, thank you!

Could you point me to where this is in the manual?

They’re COTS parts…

I think he means part of the 45lb withholding allowance.

He referenced that separately. COTS parts have no limit listed. (Besides the practical limit of how many you can carry into the venue and store in your pit, of course.) Yet he claims there’s a 500-lb limit. I’m rather curious to see where that number comes from.

Once a COTS part is assembled with other COTS or fabricated parts it becomes a fabricated assembly. So if there are motors, or actuators on the new ball grabber then the entire weight must be under 45lbs. If on the other hand you remove the motors or actuators that are already on your robot as put in the bag then you may transfer them and that would not count as part of your 45 lbs. Also if you brought those motors, actuators or hardware in the manner that they are purchased then they are not fabricated parts, do not count as part of your 45lbs and you may instal them at CMP.

Thinks about it
How many rivets can stuff in my Kia Soul…

But yeah I have not heard of the 500lb limit and I can’t find my “Citation Needed” sign on a stick…
Is this new?
I should really find where that stick is…

If the mechanism is assembled together, the bolts that hold it together are included in the weight. The bolts move from the definition of COTS to being included in the definition of FABRICATED ITEM since they are in an assembled state. The same thing goes with motors, pneumatic cyllinders, servos, etc. Keep that in mind if you’re close on weight.

There was a Q&A on this in 2012 I think.

So, I heard that Practice matches were on Wednesday this year. Can anyone verify this? That would mean that the time we have in the pits to make modifications would be like…30 minutes after Load-In.

2 hours for load-in/work with 5 team members, 3.5 hours with full team (practice matches and inspection).

Mr. V and JesseK are correct. If the part has been assembled in any way, it is considered fabricated and counts to the 45 pounds. Including fabricated spares.

There is no practice on Wednesday. The goal is to have all 215 robots passed inspection by 8:00 pm on Wednesday so they can all practice first thing on Thursday.

Championship is different this year. See the Agenda that Max posted.

Wow, what year is that information from? I don’t have counts of teams attending the Championship from before 2003, when there were 291.

Wednesday practice is a thing.

I didn’t see that a few days ago. Interesting.

FYI: You can practice in your scheduled slot without passing inspection. But, to cue up for open slots, your bot needs to have passed inspection. - This is for regionals, but have no reason to believe it would still not apply for championship, especially since practices start 30 minutes after pit open.

It was also posted on Frank’s blog in Jan. You gotta run fast to keep up with that guy.