Championship-Rookie All Star Award

As a rookie team who won the Rookie All Star Award at our regional I have some questions.
What are the criterions to win this award at the championship? (I read the manual before, but there is not a lot of information)
My team want to win this award, what do you tink the chances are?
My team robot can hang and kick very good and the drivers had many hours of trainnings.
some videos:
at the pre season

Thank you!

You win the award the same way you did at your regional. Judges will come to your pit and talk to you guys.

Your chances? I don’t know your team very well. Your robot isn’t bad, but Rookie All Star isn’t awarded based on how well your robot runs (it’s a small factor, but not the only one).

Thank you

I suggest you work on presenting your team, make sure you have someone ready to talk to the judges (if you can spare him from the other assignments).

I’m not sure what the judges look at, but from the description of the prize it sounds like they are looking for a rookie team that acts as a veteran team… knowing you guys I can tell you that if that’s the case you have a good chance, but understand that it is mostly what your team was throughout the season, and less what you can do now.

what you can do now is to make sure you present who you were throughout the season as best you can.


make sure you have someone ready to talk to the judges

Make sure the entire team is ready to talk to judges. They don’t have to know everything but one student saying the wrong thing can really leave a bad impression with the judges.

We like to have a meeting of all the students and mentors to tell them what to expect when judges are in the pit. We also drill on basics like what does FIRST stand for, why did they join FIRST, etc. Basically the same type of questions you were asked at regionals will be asked at championship.

Have a one-two page handout for the judges that highlight your accomplishments. Make sure it has your team number, name, and maybe a team picture or logo on it. This helps the judges remember who you are. Remember they will be interviewing a LOT of teams in a short time and anything that helps them remember you is to your advantage.

You’ve already overcome three high hurdles as rookies; you made it to your first regional, you earned RAS, and you made it to Atlanta. Those are some huge accomplishments.

We’ve always felt its great to learn from others. Our Rookie Year we started the Rookie Meet & Greet at Championships so all the Rookie teams could get together to socialize & learn from eachother.

You can see what made some of the past teams great (and I’ve included the team’s that won Champ Rookie All Star)
2005: RMAG Booklet Team 1511
2006: RMAG Booklet Team 1885
2007: RMAG Booklet Team 2283
2008: RMAG Booklet Team 2352
2009: RMAG Booklet Team 3091

If you wrote a chairmans award essay or have any documentation, bring it with you. Make sure the students that will be in your pit can talk about all your accomplishments… its so much more than the robot!! Good luck!

Well, your odds are currently 1/24 since 24 rookie teams are registered for Atlanta!