Championship same time as TAKS Test

I was just wondering what any other Texas teams were doing regarding the TAKS Test (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills) since it is the same week as the Championship Event :eek: and required to be taken by all Texash High School students.

something similar is being done in Florida during the Florida Regional called the FCAT. Though we knew of this and are trying to get the district to allow the students to take it late. Also, ours is on Tuesday/Wednesday during the week normally (also it is not taken by seniors, since we have no seniors that doesn’t help) so we are waiting to know the exact dates and times. check to see what your districts policy is about students taking it late =/. gl

Connecticut has required testing that occurs during one of the Regional weeks so that eliminated those regionals as a choice for us.

We had this similar problem in 2002. In PA we have CAT testing, and it was during Nationals. We just had to call a parent, and have them verify with the Guidance Counselor that they knew we had skipped/missed out testing. At that point, we were then excused from taking the test.

Shouldn’t there be make-up dates for tests like that anyway?
I purposely missed the last day of the CA exit exams to go to Sacramento in 2003 because I knew I’d be able to make it up…

Texas just started offering a make-up day for their high stakes tests to help schools out with NCLB and the AYP report cards for schools that count missed tests as equivilant to a zero for the school. That being said, I doubt very seriously that many principals or district administrations are going to allow students to miss the test.

I see your choices as only two:

A) Take only seniors who have passed all exams. 11th grade is the exit level test and they should have passed it then.

  1. Attend a second regional in lue of the Championship event in Atlanta.

Here in Edgewood, this will be our first time at nationals, we are taking a dozen seniors and consider it a right of passage.

While in S. San, just the other side of the Air base, they are going to a Florida regional as they have been to nationals the last three years.

APS :cool: :rolleyes: :confused:

The championship also conflicts with STAR testing in California. I’m a senior, so I don’t have to worry about it, but I know that the younger kids have to make up the tests when they get back. This was one of the issues that we took into consideration when we decided to register for the camptionship.

Please be mindful of the tone that one uses in a public forum. We need to represent FIRSTers as being top class citizens. Use of demeaning labels is often unfair to a class of individuals. Some students have difficulties with high stakes exams and some just miss the mark by a question or by the lack of a slightly improved composition. They are not retarded or flunkies :frowning:

I will discuss the limited options presented by TEA with you off the forum if you like. If options existed then the administration would have considered them. They are being very supportive of our program by funding the trip to nationals this season. I am beginning the budget request process for next season now. It was October of 2003 when I started the budget plans for the 2005 trip to nationals :slight_smile: