championship STAMP

Is anyone planning on running STAMP at the championship?

Team 93 will be, as will 180 and 492. We are currently working on updating STAMP to work with multiple divisions and allow data sharing among servers. Look for a new release next week Wednesday and the following week Tuesday or Wednesday.

What is stamp?

STAMP stands for Statistical Analysis of Match Performance. It is an electronic scouting database that teams use to enter other team’s robot information into and match by match performance of every team.

For those teams running stamp, any chance that Team 1538 could access and possibly help enter information? We should be bringing a couple laptops and have the man power to watch almost every match and scout every robot in our division.

We tried running STAMP in Las Vegas, but could not get it working in the arena.

Certainly! Our data will be publicly available and I believe the same is true for 180 and 492, but I’m not certain on that. Our team would be more than willing to share the scouting burden. We’ll have to see if we end up on the same field!

Even if we’re not in the same division, I do believe that there will be a version of STAMP for Atlanta that can handle multiple divisions. So even in were not in the same division, we could help supply information from our division.

We ended up with you and team 492.
We would like to cooperate with you guys in entering information and sharing a database. We have plenty of people and most chances we will have at least 1 laptop.
How exactly can this be done? if there is no wireless internet, how are the teams going to access the on-line STAMP database?

Team 1577

There is no “on-line” STAMP database, it is run off a local web-server at the competition. We (492) will be running a web-server to host it.

We would be interested in teaming up, but we just have to make sure that we are on the same page about commitments. PM me and we can talk some more.

SPAM (180) will be running STAMP on the Curie Field. We’ll have a scouting team in place, in the stands, Thurs-Sat. If you’d like assistance, we’ll be more than happy to help. In fact, I’d suggest you PM one of our mentors, Warren Boudreaux, and let him know ahead of time.

Good luck all!

To summarize,

1538 - Archimedes - want to scout on STAMP
93 - Newton - hosting a server
180 - Curie - hosting a server
492 - Newton - hosting a server
1577 - Newton - want to scout on STAMP

I think the best approach is to try to centralize the scouting results. Team 93 was planning on having a server in the stands and one in the pits and periodically updating the pit server with the data from the stands server. Instead, Erik (492), can we share your server and offload some of your scouting effort? We will still host a pits server but at least wouldn’t have to host one in the stands as well. Jjack(1538), hopefully Curie or Newton are close enough to Archimedes where you could pick up the wireless connection from either and scout your division on their server.

STAMP development team is having a call tonight and will devise our strategy for scouting. Look for a post tomorrow morning with more info…