Championship team roster

Does anyone happen to have a team roster for the championship event in Atlanta. If anyone does could you post it here or email it to me at [email protected]. Please thank you.

no one except FIRST now should have a list of the teams that wil be attending the Championship event. Check the Championship page @ FIRST daily to see if they release the lists. Normally this is done in March and it is listed with devision listings.

This is the list as of now:

You can get the list of current teams signed up for the championship by going to the regionals page, then viewing the event capacity, and then clicking team list for the championship.

The divisions won’t be released for a while, though, as Dez said.

Edit: Ricky beat me to it.

Yeah i was just scrollng through the FIRST site and found out that firt does have it up via the map by clicking on Georgia but yeah you 2 beat me also. I know when the list of devisions is released, i will try to get it up into a spread sheet so its easier to read then last years site.

Thanks guys. I needed that to scout when I go to St. Louis and Chicago. Many thanks guys.