Championship Thoughts

I just finished watching the NBA finals and it reminded me of another type of world championship: the FRC World Championships. There were many ties to the world champs but I think that the largest correlation was that the poofs were being portrayed by the Warriors and the Raptors were madtown. Let me explain…

The poofs were going for a 3-peet just like the Warriors, the poofs were mostly known for being overpowered just like the Warriors especially since they signed boogie. In addition, the Warriors have some of the best practice facilities in the LEAGUE just like the poofs.

Now the Raptors were just like MadTown because they had Kawhi and we all know Kawhi = RC. Then they had support players come in like Lowry because Lowry is short and their driver for this past season wass short so obvious comparison plus the driver made some clutch plays on the field at the end. The greatest comparison that can’t be overlooked is the fact that madtown beat the poofs to ensure that they didn’t 3-peet.