Championship video from the FLL side

For any interested, here is our Atlanta video. Thanks to all the FRC folks who went out of their way to make it a great experience for the FLL kids (your future team members). Our team will never forget receiving our award at the FRC award ceremony and the standing ovation you all gave them. THANK YOU for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Championship Video


Sweet video. Really good for the quality of the footage and general lack of it with the number of FLL matches.

Wow… Great video!! I was volunteering for FLL, but I actually didn’t see a SINGLE match- I worked on the judging end of things. Congratulations on your award- this BIGGEST award in FLL! Now, honestly, tell me… When you got home, how many people asked to stock up on yellow LEGOS and take apart the trophy so that they could replicate it? :wink:
Hopefully, I’ll see you at the FLL World Festival next year!

Very nice video…

Congrats on your accomplishment this past season. :slight_smile:

We have gotten thousands of “where did you get that/ where can I get one of those?” but have not gotten the deconstruction proposal yet. However, we have had numerous people ask to “borrow” the trophy for a couple days so they could replicate it. Needless to say, the trophy hasn’t left our sight since we got home.

We can only hope to have another chance at the World Festival next year. If so, look for us - you know what our shirts look like now!

That has helped us so much when we try and talk to kids about FLL. Thank you.

In response to several requests, we have posted a high-res version of the video. It can be found here: Championship video (high res - 99.9 MB)

We have also produced a shorter (3 1/2 minute) general highlight video of the World Festival. That video is here: World Festival Highlights

Feel free to use either or both videos as promo pieces. We will be happy to provide the videos in alternative formats for any team that needs it.