Championship video

does anyone know if there is a video from nationals from this year or maybe last year

pretty much promoting FIRST and to show the highlights of nationals

try , they have a lot of videos, and raw footage from all of the matches

I just looked there and did not find anything except one regional.

Maybe it’s hidden away? or perhaps not updated yet?

I don’t know why it’s not linked on the SOAP page, but you can find the videos here…

it is linked on the front page of soap, and the videos of the championships are in folders according to their divisions

ok, I found it now…I’m a little slow in the morning…got home at about 4 am atlanta time…

its okay, enjoy, and i hope you find what you are looking for

Thanks! My son was either in the pits or driving the robot most of the weekend, and didn’t get to see many matches.

Do you know if there are some qualifying matches available that aren’t on the page yet? specifically Curie match Q65. I goofed when taping it, and don’t have anything except the last few seconds.

is there any chairman’s award video? I couldn’t find it on soap.

Where are some from last year? I remember finding them last summer…

We couldn’t upload in time before tearing down the equipment on Saturday. It will be up tomorrow (Wed.)


wow, you guys are the best :slight_smile: wish i was on ur team :stuck_out_tongue: