Championship Videos

does anyone know if there are videos of this year Championship anywhere except the blue alliance? We were on Galileo this year, and we wanted to see videos of our matches.

Newton videos would be nice also.

I found alot of videos uploaded on Youtube but not on TBA. Try checking there with like “FRC 115 Atlanta” (<-- use your team number) or “FRC 115 Curie” or something like that.

I’ve already tried it but there are something like 3 videos of Galileo in YouTube. I wanted to know if someone knows about any other site that may contain some videos of matches.

If you have the match lists, check some of the websites of the team’s you played with our against. They might’ve uploaded something to their website as well (it’s something we used to do)

Curie videos (almost all)

I already saw videos of Curie but I really need some videos from Galileo.