Championship Videos

I’ve noticed various threads with links to different videos of championship matches. Can we post these videos here so people can keep track of them all? I’m curious to see them, and don’t want to miss any. Thanks :smiley:

Great idea to start an aggregate thread for championship match videos.

One of our students (who was sitting in the stands, so it may be a little hard to see) has uploaded the first set of the Einstein semifinals (including the original and replayed SF1-1) along with the final matches to his


QF 3-1


QF 1-1 Roomba Match

Sf 1-2 World High Score


Match 71

Match 129

Is the official videos from FIRST ever available?

You put the same link for Archimedes QF 3-1 and Curie QF 1-1. The World high score is private right now.

Curie SF1-2 (World High Score)

Thank you for starting this thread. I apologize for just dropping each of the videos in a new thread.
I just wanted to get them out as soon as I could to help salve the negative emotions regarding the closing ceremonies.

The Blue alliance used to be an excellent archive of match videos from regionals et al. As the internet evolves and our attention spans grow increasingly short :ahh: , this does not appear to be the case.

I will post a few more videos and you can access my archives on youtube, search: “mooretep”

i have all of the final matches of Archimedes as well as einstein awards included. unfortunately i wasnt in the best spot for einstein so i filmed the jumbotron instead of the field (figured that would be better than the back of the blue alliance driver stations). will be working to upload the videos over the ext few days and will post links here

My apologies

Does anybody have a link to the Einstein Finals??? I searched youtube to no avail…

If anyone has a clear video of the Woodie Flowers Award being announced that they are willing to share, it would be greatly appreciated if you could post a link or PM me.


We have video and some pictures as well. I intended to deliver the sd card to your team’s pit and failed to do so while we were in St. Louis - sorry about that. Send me a pm and we can figure out the best way to get them to you.

Congratulations to Dr. Scime and your team - looking forward to getting to know you all better.

are the webcast videos available anywhere? i know that at MAR championships, the taped webcast was available.

Another request. If anyone has any clear video of the Chairman’s Award announcement, or any reaction shots of our team in the stands or down field side, we’d love to see it. We were too distracted by the moment to record anything.

All Einstein Matches (including the first 2 which were replayed) are located here:

Are there any videos of Galileo? I’ve wanted to see these matches for awhile and I can’t find many.

I am just now getting to some of the videos that I collected while in St. Louis. I have the field video feed from most of Galileo and Einstein as well as some HD video shot primarily on Galileo. Here is the YouTube playlist where most of it should end up:

I’ll also be sending either the raw video to TBA or sending links to the videos.

Thank you so much for this, and it would be awesome if you could send it to the blue alliance. The last attempted triple on Galileo is literally killing me! :ahh:

If you are looking for the 2012 Galileo elimination matches, give this a try: The end of the last final match is at about the 2:27 point in the video (near the end).