Championship volunteers

Hi all,

This year, a group of our team is coming to volunteer at the Champs. We are coming to support our Deans List finalist but figured that we would help out while there. Are any other teams doing this?

We qualified, but I’m pretty sure I’d be volunteering if we didn’t.

708 has 11 student volunteers coming for the weekend since they didn’t qualify (a chance for their upperclassmen to still have fun at championships).

A few of the other seniors from Team 316 and I will be volunteering on Friday and Saturday.

I am a Dean’s list finalist that will be at the Championship without my team. I want to volunteer there and have signed up (last Tuesday, 4-15-14) through VIMS. I have yet to get an email from FIRST about if I have been assigned anywhere. Has anyone gotten an email yet?

Many of the staff are already on site in St. Louis and I’m guessing most of the volunteer positions are assigned. They are dealing with hundreds and hundreds of volunteers.
Suggestion: If you are already registered in the VIMS, make sure you have put “assign as needed” as your job choice and be willing to be flexible. Also be open to volunteering for FTC or FLL or FRC.
Check in at the volunteer area when you arrive and they may be able to tell you then if there are any open positions. There may not be.
There is also a Student Ambassador program at the event. You could inquire about training, etc. when you arrive.

Also you will have to attend an orientation at the Ferrara Theatre.

Hey Daniel, 456 is always there volunteering. We have for years. We will be bringing 3 adult mentors (myself, Eddie, and Donald will be inspectors) and 5 students (Kelcey, Kylie, Caroline, Jacob, and Jake will be working field reset/repair). We will probably be helping out on Archimedes. Be sure to come say hi! Volunteering at Champs is always a lot of fun!

Hey Chuck,

We will be on Newton and Galileo. We will work to meet up at some point.

Have any of the volunteers received the e-mail with the Parking Pass?
I haven’t.

Contact your VC or Jess Boucher. They should get it taken care of ASAP.

Parking pass (as well as the webinar recordings) are here:

Thanks Jessica

You’re the greatest (but you already knew that) :smiley: