Championship Wait list

When are you usually notified if you are on a Championship Wait list? This is the first time that we have applied for the wait list and a sponsor who may help us wants to know when we would know for sure. (we were there last year by qualifying if that helps))

You are usually notified when you are offered a spot. Last year that was around week 2 of regionals.

In the past, we would sign up and go to Championships, regardless of how we did that year. We made a decision to only go if we “win our way” into the Championships. This weekend we finally did win our way into Championships. This morning, however, we got an email indicating that we are on the wait list to go. In the past, have teams had an issue after either winning a regional, or winning Chairman’s (our situation) and not being able to go? Or are there reserved slots for teams that win, and those slots will be opened up at some point?



By winning a spot you have to pay FIRST by Tuesday (tomorrow) to come off the competition qualifiers waitlist.
You are being offered one of the reserved spots, but only have two days to accept and pay.
It’s a different sort of waitlist and isn’t the one that the rest of us have been on since registration closed in December.

FIRST email Blast on the topic

Registration process:

  1. New this year! If your team qualifies at a Competition Event to attend the CMP, you will automatically be moved to the CMP Waitlist the Monday following your competition.

  2. On or before Tuesday @ 5 PM ET following your event, call FIRST Finance to make payment arrangements 1-800-871-8326 ext. 450 or ext. 415. Payment arrangements can be made by Check, Credit Card, Purchase Order from school or Commitment Letter from Corporate sponsor. One of these forms must be received by the Tuesday following the qualifying Regional by 5pm ET. Commitment Letters and Purchase Orders must be paid to FIRST by check or credit card prior to Friday, April 15, 2011.

  3. IMPORTANT - If you do not register by the Tuesday deadline, your team will be removed from the Waitlist and ineligible to register for the CMP (i.e., your spot will not be held past the Tuesday deadline!).

At the close of all the Regional/State events unclaimed competition spots will be filled from the old registration waitlist of teams.

Mark this is the email we got from FIRST this morning:

Hello Team 836,

Team 836 has been added to the waiting list for the FIRST Championship.

This event will take place Apr 27-30, 2011 in St. Louis, MO USA.

DO NOT send any payment to FIRST at this time.

If a spot becomes available and your team is removed from the waitlist, you will receive an email from FIRST that notifies you of your updated status for this event. You may arrange for payment at this time.

I guess we will just have to wait to hear from FIRST

Thanks, Mark!

We will call them this morning!


Good morning 836!
Sending your main contact an email.

Let us know how it goes.

It sounds like you got the wrong form email.

Also, you do not have to pay by the Tuesday (5:00pm est) after the Regional. You just have to contact FIRST finance to arrange payment. Either by actually paying, confirming a PO number with them through your school of 501c(3), or a committment letter from a sponsor.

We did receie an email later in the day offering a spot and how to setup the payment. We are now registered for the Championships.

Thanks for the help!

Take me with you… :slight_smile:

It feels so weird not to be planning for Championship this year.

If I had the authority to do that I would.

You can always volunteer for Champs. They need about 4 times the amount of volunteers as they have at one Regional, and that is just for FRC.

We were informed middle of week 3 last year, but went on to earn our way in.

sooo… does anybody know the last day you still can get invited? I would imagine its sometime shortly after week 6, considering teams can still “double up” their qualification for nationals.