Championship Webcast on iPad

Are there any iPad apps with the Championship webcast?

TBA isn’t as good on mobile…

At The Control has an app. You can get it here - or you can just get to the At The Control website by clicking the link in my signature.

How do you view webcasts with the iOS app? I don’t see anywhere I can do that.

I don’t have an Apple device, but I think the app basically works the same way as the website. Can you post a picture?

I have no idea if this will work on ios devices, but on my android phone I got it work by navigating directly to the m3u8 stream url and opening it in the default video player.

This is the link for Curie:

I posted this over in the 2014 Webcasts thread:

Can you post links to each field

See below:

Neither of the nasa links will work on my iphone.