Championship Website Award

How does the Championship Website Award work? Do we get a chance to modify and resubmit our site? Or does it need to be the same as the submission for the regional? And are all of the sites of the teams at regionals eligible, or just the Regional Website Award winners?

From the FIRST Handbook for 2006

… At each Regional Competition, there will be one award for Best Website. The overall championship Best Website award winners will be chosen from among the regional winners.

Ah thanks so much! So does anyone know when the deadline is?

As far as I know the Judges can start looking any time now. Or if not, very very soon. I would make sure everything is the way you want it as soon as possible just to be on the safe side. As far as changing it, there is nothing that says you can’t … but why mess with a winning design?

Good luck~

I know what you mean, but I’m not necessarily wanting to change the design. Just make improvements. In my eyes, the site is never “done” haha.

I can agree 100%, but we’re not doin anything yet for various reasons. But congrats on making the best site of the year! =D

Very Very Soon I guess. From what I’ve heard they get together the week or two before the competition to judge it.