Championship Who's staying where?

Just wondering if any teams know yet where they’ll be staying for nationals… ? :cool:

We have to get there first, but if we make it (which we will) (hopefully) it’ll prob be in some old shoney’s inn like last year…

Omni at CNN (blahh) Center

I think that might be the same place my team is looking into.

The Miracle Workerz will be staying at the Omni.

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I have purchased my O’Reilly Factor t-shirt just for this trip! :smiley:

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RAGE will be staying at the Embassy Suites (we are SO lucky)
The CNN center isn’t that bad…almost the entire bottom floor is food vendors, GOOD food vendors, and its RIGHT next to the Dome (i was in atlanta @ the GWCC & dome for a national youth gathering) so feel free to be the last people awake in the morning cuz its 2 minute walk!!
Anyone else staying at the Suites?

I would like to be the first person to extend a warm welcome to vistiting teams.
If you have any questions reguarding accomadations, food, entertainment etc. PM me and I will see what I can do.

They don’t call it southern hospitality for nothing! :slight_smile:

Good luck this year!

Hey Bree, guess where we are staying, guess, guess!!!

Have you guessed yet? Man, your slow, THE OMNI!!! Just like you wanted!!!

Team 25- Raider Robotix is also at the Omni


All’s i know is team 812 from San Diego is staying at the Mariott Residance Inn, however due to lack of funds probably only 8 people r gonna go

Were staying at The Hoilday Inn

Mental note, don’t stay at Omni, Fluck & MOE there

j/k guys, don’t hurt me!

I was just wondering what seems to be the best option in terms of price and distance to the staduim from those living in Atlanta? I, and my team if we go, don’t want to rely on bus like we did in Houston.

Team 388–Maximum Oz is also staying at the Omni.

All the hotels on the THS site are within walking distance of the stadium. The website also gives the distance in blocks if you’re interested. While their prices might seem a little high, keep in mind that they include vouchers for food(~$60 worth) and tickets to the team party(costs $90 outside of the package).

We are staying at the Hyatt.


we are also planning on staying at the hyatt.

RAGE team 173 is staying at the Embassy Suites - Centennial Park. I have posted some photos sent to us by the hotel management:

That’s nice.

Team 862 is staying at Peachtree Plaza. :]