Championship Winners Drivetrains

I’m wondering if anybody has a list of the champiomship winners and the drivetrain type that they had. I know all the championship winners since 1992 and the drivetrain types 2007 to present, so I’m basically looking for drivetrain types, 1992 through 2006. If anybody has this information, or even part of it, I would appreciate it very much.

(I thought I saw some of this infromation on an earlier thread about a year ago, but I can’t find it by searching).

This is based on my recollection, pictures, talks with the teams involved, etc., so it might not be 100% accurate. Teams, please correct me if I say something wrong…

67 - 6WD wide
111 - 4 wheel crab (non-coaxial), wide
971 - 6WD wide

1114 - 6WD long
217 - 6WD long
148 - three-wheeled crab (coaxial), nonagon-shaped robot

177 - 6WD long
987 - 6WD long
190 - 6WD long

217 - 6WD long
522 - Treads, long
296 - 2WD long, two casters in the front (I think)

67 - three-wheeled crab (non-coaxial). Flop bot.
330 - 6WD long
503 - 2WD long, omniwheels in rear (were the omnis powered?)

Note: The robot base dimensions changed between 2004 and 2005 from 30x36 to 28x38. You start seeing a lot fewer 6WD robots as you go back further.

71 - 4WD long with mechanism to climb stairs (by articulating the front wheels)
494 - 4WD long
435 - 2WD long, with casters in front (hard to see, but I think this is right)

Before 2004 I don’t have complete information…

111 - Four-wheeled non-coaxial crab (with dropdown skid for turning)

71 - 2WD flop bot with casters and “walking filecards” for pushing
173 - 4WD long

Before 2002 it is very hard to hunt down quality pics.

2007 - 177 had a parallel plate drive set up using AndyMark shifters. We use dead axles and power the wheels with #35 chain, from the stock output gears to our custom wheels. It’s a faily simple setup, but it’s rock solid reliable because in three years of using it the only time we ever had and issues was Einstein Semi 2 match 2 in 2008 when the carpet that wasn’t taped down well went between our chain and sprocket during auto mode.

We’ve posted pictures of the drive train as we’ve improved it incrementally over the years to optomize it. Do a search for photos of our team and you should find some pictures if you’re interested.

In 2003 469 was a 4wd long, and I believe 65 was as well.

In 2002 66 was 4wd wide.

I’m pretty sure 65 was wide in 2003. Ken will have to answer for sure.

2003 469 was 4WD long with drop down casters and drop down suction cups

65 was definitely wide in 2003, with plastic wheels I believe.

1999 (these are guesses)
176: 4wd, long
1: tank treads, long
48: 4wd, long?

45: 4wd, long with 2 omni wheels in the front


Hm…My question is how many of these teams used the kitbot chassis?

or what material did they use for their chassis.

Does anyone have info on that?

I’m 99% sure that none of the teams before 2005 used the kitbot chassis. It was easier to make your own.

I think 503 used kitbot; 67 and 330 did not. To my knowledge, very few of the other winning teams have used kit chassis material in their chassis.

Most teams use aluminum tubing of various sizes; some use chromoly steel. Most of the Championship winners go the tubing route, though some use sheet aluminum.

Oh, and some specs on 330’s 2005 drivetrain, while I’m here:
Kit trannies (not sure of ratio after tranny)
6WD long drop-center
corner wheels were kit
center wheels were pneumatic casters that were modified for FRC use

67 - three-wheeled crab (non-coaxial). Flop bot.
330 - 6WD long
503 - 2WD long, omniwheels in rear (were the omnis powered?)

In 2005, Team 503’s rear omni casters were not powered

296 had two unpowered Transwheels in the front. Closer to omniwheels than casters, but serving the same general purpose. The chassis was made of 28mm t-slot extrusion.

In 99 our team actually had a pretty square shaped robot. We had 2 very large wooden wheels with large treads (think puzzle pieces, sticking out of a circle). We also had 2 omni wheels on the front. The large wooden wheels were for sheer power if I remember correctly. The omnis, obviously, were for good maneuverability.

The large “Cog” wheels were to climb up on the “puck” an 8" rolling platform that was at the center of that year’s game. We talked about using large wheels again in 2004 for “raising the bar” and saw 69 do that with great success. 69 did not go to championships that year but had one of the best robots for the game I saw.

503’s chassis was square aluminum tubing, welded. Starting in 2007, we have used 1" square tubing, with plastic connectors from ESTO, I believe.