Championship Winners

I’m just curious, does anybody have a list of all the teams to win a national championship? I know 2005 to present, but I looked and can’t find the teams that won before that.

Wildstang in 2003 along with 469 and 65. And don’t forget that Beatty is on that list four times!

If you go to Wikipedia and search first robotics, there will be links to all of the games. When you click on a game, in the main info box will be the winner for that year.
I think 1993 is wrong.
I think that’s supposed to be 148.

Team 148 was Team 35 back before somewhere around '98. The team number was switched, as with many teams around at that time. I’m not exactly sure of the reasoning, or the exact dates, but I do know the team was 35 back in at least '95.


Oi, I’m dumb. Gratz to me for not clicking the link before posting. The team’s sponsor is listed on the side, but the team isn’t. Odd. Raytheon was the team’s sponsor in '93, of course the facility is now L3.

This is interesting when did become active? I’m glad to see the official wiki domain is getting renewed :yikes:

They have the wrong team listed on FIRSTwiki. No offense to the esteemed members of 811, but Greenville brought home the win in 1993.
(If anyone wants, I can go pose for a picture with the 1993 Championship Robot, Banner, and Trophy. They are in our workshop.)

Close but no cigar.

148’s sponsor has been the same throughout our run, since 1992. However, this facility has changed hands several times. It was originally part of E-Systems, then it was owned by Raytheon, now it is part of L-3 Communications.

It is awesome that this team has received continued support from them for so many years even throughout such (major) change.


I looked under the 1992 championship page and they list 148,151, 131 and 111 as participants but they are not considered legacy teams. I know 111’s story but why the other 3 aren’t?

As of this year, 148 is considered a legacy team:

151 has some history on their firstwiki page: It looks like several sponsor name changes caused them lose their status (although it’s possible they could prove their original status, similar to what 148 did)

Manchester Central High School (131) did not participate in 1993.

Keep in mind I’ve only been on the team since 2006…

Our team has participated since 1992, but it seems that due to some paperwork snafu (probably related to the renaming of our sponsor) we were off the “original and sustaining” list. For the past several years, we would call FIRST and plead our case and ask to be put on the list; because of this 148 has been an “on again, off again” legacy team for several years.

This year, we were finally put on the published list as an original and sustaining team.
(Refer to:

I can tell you that coming down to Greenville and joining 148 it was very apparent to me the pride this town and community feels for its robotics team. The continued support we receive from our extremely generous sponsors is incredible.

As an outsider, it is cool to think about how the City of Greenville, Greenville ISD, and E-Systems had the vision to get involved with this program and the dedication to stay involved with it for so long. This is definitely something to be proud of, and I continue to thank our community for making this possible and for being involved for so long.

All 148 members stand on the shoulders of giants.


You started out in FIRST with a legacy team, right John?

Yes, I went to Shenedehowa HS (Team 20). I may be one of the only people to have been on TWO of them (I know Tim Baird is another).

What is Wildstang’s story? Because I saw they won Rookie All-Star at the championships in '96.

Weird, I never really thought of that. But yep, 126 to 190 and now back to 126. Colleen Shaver did the same.

In 1992, two engineers from Motorola partnered with Wheeling High School. From what I’ve heard, it was a small team, but I assume all teams were small in 1992. I don’t know the reasons, but the team didn’t come back in 1993. Then in 1996, Motorola partnered with Wheeling and Rolling Meadows High Schools to form Wildstang. It was a different set of engineers, teachers, and students, and was for all intents and purposes a new team.

This is from a thread back in 2006 that asked when we’d have two multi-time champs. (Now answered–2008)

  	 				1992: Nypro and Clinton HS, Clinton MA (now is team **126**)

1993: Texas Instruments and Greenville HS, Greenville TX (now 148, although sponsors have changed names a few times, was Raytheon for a while)

1994: Proctor & Gamble and Walnut Hills HS, Cincinatti OH (doesn’t exist
anymore, although many of the mentors now mentor 1038)

1995: Raytheon and Woodside HS, Woodside CA (now team 100, their rookie year, no longer sponsored by Raytheon)

1996: Harris and Edison Tech, Rochester NY (now team 73, sponsored by Bausch & Lomb)

1997: Beatty Machine & Hammond HS, Hammond IN (now team 71)

1998: Delphi & Kokomo HS, Kokomo IN, team 45

1999: UTC & Windsor Locks HS & Suffield HS, Windsor Locks CT, team 176
3-dimensional Services & Oakland County HSs, Pontiac MI, team 1, now sponsored by Daimler Chrysler
Delphi & Harding HS, Warren OH, team 48

2000: NASA Ames & _______ HS, San Jose CA, team 255, doesn’t exist anymore. Alan Federman’s original team.
NASA Ames & Vintage HS, Napa CA, team 232 then, 814 now
Bristol Myers Squib & North Brunswick HS, North Brunswick NJ, team 25

2001: Beatty Machine & Hammond HS, Hammond IN (team 71)
TRW & Mira Costa HS & Redondo Union HS, CA (team 294)
Northeastern and Boston MA HSs (team 125)
Dupont and Wilmington DE HSs (team 365)
Dana & Toledo MI HSs (Team 279)

2002: UTC & East Hartford and Rockville High Schools, team 173
Beatty Machine & Hammond HS, Hammond IN, team 71
GM & Willow Run HS, Yipsilanti MI, Team 66

2003: Motorola & Wheeling HS and Rolling Meadows HS, Schaumburg, IL, team 111
Ford & International Academy, Bloomfield Hills MI, team 469
GM & Pontiac North HS, Pontiac MI, team 65

2004: Beatty Machine & Hammond HS, Hammond IN, team 71
Daimler Chrysler & Goodrich HS, Goodrich MI, team 494
CISCO Systems, Inc/North Carolina State University & Southeast Raleigh High School, team 435

2005: J&F/NASA-JPL/NASA-Goddard/Raytheon & Hope Chapel Academy, team 330
General Motors & Huron Valley Schools, team 67
Intier Automotive & Novi High School, team 503

2006: Arial Foundation/Nortel Networks & Loyola High School, team 296
Ford Motor Company/FANUC Robotics Inc./B&K Corporation & Utica Community Schools, team 217
New York Container Terminal/SI Bank & Trust Foundation/Con Edison/Richmond County Savings Foundation/Northfield Savings Bank & Mckee Vocational High School, team 522

Since then, we’ve had:

2007: 190 (WPI & Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science)
177 (UTC Power & South Windsor High School)
987 (Bearing Belt Chain / Cirque du Soleil / Albertsons & Cimarron-Memorial High School)

2008: 1114 (General Motors - St. Catharines Powertrain & Governor Simcoe Secondary School)
217 (Ford Motor Company/FANUC Robotics Inc./B&K Corporation & Utica Community Schools)
148 ( Communications Integrated Systems & Greenville High School)

Any one notice how 65,66,67 have each won a championship, I wonder what the odds of that are.

They’re GM sponsored.
Clinical studies have shown that having a GM sponsorship improves your chances of winning a championship exponentially.

I can think of some bigger odds–getting 68, 69, and 70 to win so there’s an unbroken string, plus a second dose of Martians winning.

It also shows the impact that engineers can have on a team. Look at these teams and look through the list. There are excellent examples of why engineers and technical mentors are such a vital part of the FRC experience.