Championship Wrap Party Details

FIRST has posted some details about the Saturday wrap party in Atlanta

thank you for posting that :slight_smile:
it looks like its going to be tons of fun :slight_smile:

Uh oh. There is going to be a karaoke stage. Someone needs to sign up right now to take the responsibility of keeping Karthik away. I think this sounds like a very appropriate job for the UL Safety Advisors. :smiley:



You could always disable the mic.

Nah, I think simply extending the Canadian “No Karthik Singing Zone” to Atlanta will work. At least for some of the team…

(If they do go to do that, somebody get it on video, if the camera mics don’t break. That way, those who haven’t had the dubious pleasure can find out what they missed the first time a video of that went up.)

Haha, there’s a picture with my mom and brother in that pdf!!! They’re in the fourth picture!!! (Yes, there is a TheFro II, He’ll be making his debut next year in Vex!)

I think the party should be awesome this year though, it always is. :smiley:

This sounds exciting! The game show sounds especially neat. I wish I could be there… whoever plans the FIRST Finale, pleeeeease be sure to keep this around for '10 because I will make sure I can come. (Oh yeah, and thanks for being awesome and putting in all the hard work to make it such a fun event for everyone!)

having two karaoke stages this year will make things even more exciting. I still have to do a duet with kloberg.

thank you sooo much for posting that! i am sooo excited for the after party. it’s definitely my favourite part about atlanta.

and haha i think it would be funny to let karthik sing as much as he wants

lilfro[birthday]! But I wish I could come to the party but for some odd reason 612 will not be attending.

It wouldn’t. I’ve heard it via a video. Karthik’s singing is covered under the Geneva Convention as torture. His team’s isn’t much better; I believe it’s best compared to waterboarding.

the only negative about the after party is that at least for the first hour of the party… 90% of the people will be packed in the GA dome watching the finals… I remember not getting out of the dome last year until at least 7:45pm…

I wish they could make this event go on longer, considering it is a Saturday night and there is no school the next day (most likely a travel day for everyone involved in FIRST)

RoboProm goes on until 11pm, I don’t see why this can’t either