WOO! We got into the Championship on the wait list! We’re super stoked!!

A few questions:

  1. When do divisions and pit maps come out?
  2. What should we do at the Championship? I see all these seminars and stuff, what do you recommend we do?
  3. What should we do in the city? There’s obviously the Arch and all that, what else is cool?

Thanks! I hope to see you all in St. Louis :smiley:

To number 1 part 1) is a good friend.

If you’d like to get a text when divisions come out and which division your team is playing on, check out Division Notifier

  1. Nobody really knows.
  2. Team RUSH generally has a filled schedule, but this year, every student gets to go to a seminar, any they want :smiley:
  3. For the past two years, Team RUSH has gone to the Zoo, and it’s pretty cool; you’ll definitely see a few groups from other teams there, for sure. The idea this year is to go to the City Museum, which looks really awesome based on what I’ve heard.

Go play Ultimate Frisbee under the St. Louis arch. If you go at the right time, you’ll find our team there playing for the second year in a row. :smiley:
Hopefully there will be less wind this time or our robot will have to throw for us :rolleyes: :wink: .

  1. The Conferences are definitely a must. There’s lots of stuff going on. FIRST Night at the Ballpark. RoboProm. And, you know, the FIRST World Championship!!!
  2. The City Museum. The Arch. The St. Louis Science Center, but that you can see during the FIRST Finale Party.

The St. Louis zoo is excellent. The arch is cool but be prepared to wait in line, although maybe you can reserve a spot on the web; I don’t know but I’m sure a FRC team can do that research. :wink:

If you go to the City Museum and don’t have a good time you should probably have someone check you to see if you have a pulse. Even if you don’t like to climb around, just looking at all of the different things they have in there is quite entertaining. The biggest problem is having enough time to do everything.

Yeah, I’m overwhelmed with all the stuff we can do! We’re super excited though and hope to have a great time! Thanks for the tips everyone :slight_smile:

So with the divisions, is one division better than another or is it all really just random who goes where?

The divisions are all considered equal, except for the Curie Curse ;). And yeah, we’re pretty sure it’s just random. Congrats for making it in and have fun!

  1. Go to this.

I second that. Also 1902 will be doing a seminar on image and marketing, 365 does a great Chairman’s chat, the RI3D guys will be talking about their project and a bunch of other great people and teams present during the workshops. Definitely read through the descriptions of them all and make sure to go to the ones that look interesting.

The City Museum is AMAZING! Most of team 1902 will be there Friday night and you all are welcome to join. There will also be a small group of us (myself included) at the St. Louis Cardinals game that night so if there are any baseball fans on the team be sure to check it out.

Roboprom is always a big hit with the Bacon students, you can be sure there will be a bunch of us going.

Congratulations on getting in! We’re excited to see you all there.

I highly recommend spending time exploring the other programs. JFLL will be packing up Friday and FLL packs up Saturday morning. There are 5 JFLL teams from outside the US this year; 3 from China, 1 from Russia, and 1 from Barcelona. There are also numerous FLL teams from outside the US that will be in attendance. I quite enjoyed the music that a team from Saudi Arabia was playing in the pits last year.

When I did a quick count yesterday there was about 140 teams from outside the US that will be there this year. This is a good place to interact and learn about other countries.

First off, congratulations!! Another climber at St. Louis! You guys had a great showing at South Florida, and I’m really happy you got off the waitlist (also, 1523 seems to have gotten off the waitlist, yay florida!).

  1. Divisions are random. Typically they are relatively balanced, but occasionally you’ll find a super strong division (Galileo '09, Archimedes '10) and sometimes you’ll find divisions that are generally weaker (some claim Galileo '12 was weak, but you can ask the world champions if they thought so)

  2. I highly recommend that you send a few people over to Karthik’s and 1114’s conference on strategy and strategic design, it will change your perspective on how to build robots and play the game.

  3. There are a lot of fun things to do, I think there’s a thread about the “informal things” floating around somewhere. And take advantage of those, you’re there for a competition, but you really want to have fun too. It’s not all about the robots after all. :rolleyes:

The city museum at night is a must. This is coming from a st louis resident. Go to the roof of it. It is a really cool place. Other attractions in st louis area…that’s about it besides the arch, which may take a few hours because of the museum below it :stuck_out_tongue: what are the seminars I am hearing about?