On behalf of team 173 I’d like to say thanks to team 71 and 66 we definitely chose a good alliance. 71 was a beast you dragged everything, and 66 it’s still unclear to me as to why someone didn’t grab you guys as soon as we grabbed 71. :confused:

I’d also like to say thanks to team 195 your strategy board played an important part in our win. I think the strategy board is almost as good of an idea as your transmission w/ the worm gear. (it’s hard to forget a good machine)

Also I want team 60 to know that I admire their machine you were our most feared opponent and we based most of our strategy off your machines capabilities.

It was a great competition and a great way for me to end my 4 years of FIRST.

One last question though, :confused: what happened to the 121 powerhouse? Hmmmmmm musta missed it. :smiley: