Can someone point me in the direction of the explanation of how the championship works with the divisioning and everything?
Matt Rybar

After the final weekend of regionals (Week 6/NYC) on FIRST’s website they divide up the teams into the four divisions. Usually they go ABCD ABCD, but for the past few years they split it up differently.

Then each division is like a regional, teams compete in qualifiers, then the top 8 pick alliances etc etc until a champ is determined.

Then the 4 divisional champs compete in Einstein for the World Championship.

If they did ABCD order, i think the first bracket is stacked.
(These are just from what i could remember, and what TBA has listed, teams are not done qualifying yet, so it probably wont stay like this)
1,16,33,47,65,70,85,93,111, 122,135,151,173,178,191,207,228, 573, 1124, 1503,

From a team’s perspective, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Win a regional
  2. Win a second eliminations series starting in the semi finals

Oh, and your robot has to keep running the whole time. If you ask me… theres a lot of luck involved with a side of engineering and operator skill, it seems.

Simple, right? :ahh: :ahh: :ahh:


There usually is a thread predicting Divisionsin the Rumor Mill by now. I wonder if the curveball (slightly different from ABCD) they threw last year discouraged ppl from posting.

WOW, that would be an unbelievable division.

No I just got lazy.

And easy to beat later. The stacked division is NOT where you want to be if you want to win.

Wouldn’t you prefer to be in the deepest division, as that way you could amass the strongest three-team alliance? I’m probably missing something, but I imagine that in the stacked division you should be able to produce a stronger alliance than in the weaker divisions, maybe due to the “stackedness” leaving the top alliances with strong second-round choices. What am I missing?

2005: Archimedes was stacked.
2007: Curie was stacked.
Neither made it past Einstein semis.

You’re missing that the strong alliances will destroy each other. Always happens.

First of all…win a very HARD regional, a very STACKED regional, and very BIG regional

Then play in the semis against an alliance who has just won their own very HARD, STACKED and BIG regional, and if you win that, beat an alliance who just beat an alliance who just won a HARD, STACKED AND BIG regional…


and by the way…the divisions are always stacked (maybe some more than others) but they are always stacked.

Well realistically a team in a deeper division has a way harder time fighting their way out. So by the time they do get out odds are that at least one robot, if not all, have taken a considerable beating and the drivers will be mentally tired. Imagine playing in the finals but three times in your division and then twice more on Einstein. In the end going through the finals process at the championship can be like playing through the final matches of five regionals back to back. In a shallower division it is much easier to fight your way out of an you and your robots will be less tired and damages, therefore giving you a mental advantage over someone who played out of a harder division.

i kinda wouldn’t want to be in that division… :yikes:

There isn’t much margin for error in the Qualifications. With ~85 teams/division and only 7 matches total, one or two weak performances on Friday will push a decent team right off the radar screen of the scouts for Saturday. Better be on top of your game from your first match on!!

I don’t want to either man, its gonna be insane.

I forgot about that too, that there are very few matches. Initially at most regionals a team will play it safe for the first couple of matches and make sure everything is working but, at the Championship you can’t really do this. Most teams can’t afford to lose one match let alone two or three and still be in an advantageous spot by the time selections roll out.

Also on another note, be careful of how you stratigize and what compromises you make, because you’re going to need to show your true performance throughout the whole event. There may be one match where your with other teams that can do the same thing you can but, you need to make sure that the best teams are selected to do the job. If you’re the second best out of three hurdlers then you and the better hurdler need to hurdle and the third hurdler can run laps. This may sound mean but, certain compromises cannot be made at the championship. Also watch how you pick because you cannot be very nice at the championship and “give teams a chance” because everyone else is there to win, for the most part.