Championships' Best Play

There were lots of awesome plays at the championship event, but only one really sticks out.

In Archimedes during eliminations, 233 blew my mind away and I want to congratulate their quick thinking and awesome driving. In one match, another team tried to cap their home left goal. 233 flew back to push them, but couldn’t. In a split second, they decided to stop on the human load zone, a few inches away from the other robot. I stood up in awe when this happened, knowing that a second later, the other team would foolishly drive back, hit 233, and get a 30pt penalty that would win the match for the other alliance. Maybe it’s an evil manipulation of how the penalty system works, but to me, it was the smartest driving I’ve seen.

Any other cool events that people remember?

Carrying 1135 on our wedges during Newton Match 70. We took them clear across the field.
Or QF-3, Match 2 when the high score was set, 132-44 with all nine goals capped.

I thought 503 capping their corner goal in the closing seconds on Einstein was pretty clutch, personally.

(Biased but I’ll still post)
During a match on Curie versus 33, 269, and 301, we, 461, were allied with 7 and 1510 on the blue side. We had problems with our robot all day and match 63 was no different. After auto-mode, our arm would only go up and down and it would not extend or retract. So I, being the driver, made the on the fly decision to pick the v-tetras off the floor. We capped the first one, and saw that the opposing side had (from left to right) 4-4-and-1 tetra on their home row. We picked up the second v-tetra and made a dash for their side. we made contact with team 301 and pushed them back. We proceeded to cap the goal with one on the floor with about 15 seconds left in the match. 269 had a tetra and tried to cap over ours. they had it on the goal, but they pulled back early and did not score. Our ally drivers, came up and asked “who stacked that one?” after the match. Final score was red-50, blue-53. Even though our robot did not work we were able to assist our alliance and pull away with a win. Unfortunately, neither team 7 or 461 was picked for alliances, but congrats to teams 1510, 33, and 269 for making the eliminations of Curie!

I second that. What an incredible move, both strategically and in execution. I believe we would have tied had it not been for that tetra. (We ended up winning by 13). Way to go Frog Force! :cool:

I don’t recall what match it was - Newton tournament, possibly quarterfinal two - but the match where the 67/330/503 alliance capped all of the goals and finished with 132 points was the single most impressive match I’ve seen all season.

Everything I had seen in the matches made me think the key was multistackers.


The best play was the 330,67, and 503 Shock and Awe rampage they pulled on us.The speed with which they executed the capping in the match was almost unavoidable. The 132-44 shows that they were the teams to beat.

Play of the Day would easily goto to these three teams.

thanks that was fun to do becuase they did it themselves and left them in the position for that to happen. but we were getting out stacked so we had to do something so we saw that and had to do it to assure the win

well we did push them but they would just get ready to score agian so we had to think of something

Except that in the Championship Finals, both alliances faced by the 330 alliance could cap faster than they could. They were able to out play the other alliances through strategy and a bit of luck.


I thought it was incredible in two matches on the Galileo field, the blue alliance managed to cap all 9 goals, one match the final score being 110-9. I don’t know if this happened on any other fields, but still an impressive feat.

haha thanks. I’m still shocked that we were able to do that. When that tetra was release from our arm onto the goal it felt like we were in slow motion. I was so shocked that it landed perfectly and we didn’t knock over the whole stack.

I have to say that when we scored those 132 points that was my favorite match. Thanks to 503 and 67. They rocked. I was very happy to be a part of that.

I don’t know, I’m quite biased, but I have to agree with my fellow winners here. Those last cappings were amazing. Still in shock

That was the first thing that came to my mind. What an amazing play to save the match.

I didn’t get too much time to watch the matches, but from what I saw, I loved watching the last second caps, especially the ones at the buzzer.

I would have to say 1002 spinning in circles for 2 stragiht matches at like 75 RPM. it was an amazing defensive strategy. Nobody was able to cap 3 of the goals because of us. But really that was an accident.

I loved any of the last second caps that ruined/created rows.