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Hi I posted this in teams that already qualified for champs 2020 but if you look on the tcf centers website it says that next year their will be a Detroit championship and it will be one day shorter and be held on the same weekend it was supposed to be this year

Maybe they just don’t count the first day because it’s only load-in and practice matches (which are less interesting for the public).

Possibly, but it is still a day that the building is in use by teams and that is for most of the day. Do we know if they have included it in the past of their event postings?

I do not see a similar listing on the George R Brown Convention Center website, but that calendar only goes through next February.

I had heard rumors that the agreement was to push the last year of the 2017-2020 Championship deals back a year. It is 100% a rumor, unconfirmed by anyone at HQ, but it does have truthiness to it…

  • FIRST hasn’t announced 2021 venues yet; that news normally probably would break this week or next. (The 2Champz announcement came about a week or two before Championship in 2015, for example.)
  • FIRST could well not have a 2021 deal completely finalized, given the disruptions to everything. (Which is not “lol FIRST HQ can’t deliver”, but a statement on the world being on fire for the past month.)
  • While the terms of the original deals with GRB and TCF aren’t known, it’s usually in the best interest of everyone to modify a deal that’s disrupted rather than to rip up the contract.
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I don’t believe the event is technically open to the public on Wednesday.

If you want to get technical, the building is in use by FIRST the entire week, but they never actually show the setup period - that time isn’t open to the public either.

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Yes, that’s why I think they haven’t listed Wednesday on the calendar.

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