Champs Brawl

It seemed like a lot of sound bytes from the video game Super Smash Bros. Brawl were played at the championships. Are they just fitting tunes, or do they mean something?

And most importantly, was it just me? I don’t want to sound crazy, but I swear I heard sounds from Brawl.

I could’ve sworn I heard an orchestral version of the end-of-level music from Super Mario Bros. Considering how long it’s been since I owned a Nintendo system (probably close to 10 years now), you might be right.

The music was mainly from StarFox, and coupled with the mention of the Mars mission, that could only mean one thing:

2013 Game is themed for MARS exploration!!!:ahh:

Yes this is correct. The music was originally from StarFox 64, but it has lived through the generations of Super Smash Bros. games, so that is where they are most commonly known by younger gaming audiences (high schoolers and below).

Edit: Actually I never played the NES version of Star Fox, so it’s possible that this music originated in the original Star Fox and was just used again in Star Fox 64. Can an older more experienced gamer clarify this for me? My first system was an N64 in 1996 so I’m not well educated in older systems.

There was a StarFox on the SNES, but never a regular NES version, and I want to say there was a similar tune there.

Not just Star Fox. There were sounds completely new to Brawl itself (I had to play it yesterday after champs to make sure). I know they played the “end of mission” tune after someone received an award.

Is there video anywhere of this?