Champs Edition: How to Watch the 2019 FIRST Deep Space Robotics Game

New revision with Sub-Headers and updated predictions for Champs.
Attached are 2 formats: Microsoft Word & .pdf .

This is a guide that explains the basic flow of the FIRST “Destination: Deep Space” Robotics Game to a VIP, family member or visitor who is new to the program. It suggests what to watch on the field and tells why robots are doing what they are doing. Scoring is explained with examples and predictions.
Please feel free to copy this, print it, forward it, or whatever you wish to do to help our visitors better enjoy their experience at the Houston or Detroit Champs.
How to Watch 2019 Deep Space 12Apr2019.docx (203.2 KB)
How to Watch 2019 Deep Space 12Apr2019.pdf (340.9 KB)

I enjoyed the read Code Orange I think it may be too long/involved TL;DR for casual observers though.

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