Champs load-in.

Is there any official documentation of what activities are allowed during champs load-in?

In other words, is champs load-in this year like a regional load-in where you load-in (with 5 team members), set up the pit, and wait for the pits to open officially?

Or is it like previous years that the 5 load-in team members also un-crate the robot, un-bag and start preparing the robot for inspection?

Given that the machine shop opens at 1:00, I assume it’s the latter, but one of our mentors is convinced that we can’t start working on the robot until 4:00 and I can’t find it documented anywhere officially.


You could search. Several variations of this thread exist. :] But it’s like year’s worlds. Uncrate, unbag, get to work. The 5 person limit is to hold down congestion.

Thanks for the info. I did a quick search and didn’t find anything but guess I didn’t find the right keywords. Was also looking for a concise official statement of such to prove to another mentor (ie. not just a statement by some unknown source buried in the middle of some other thread).