Champs pit maps with team numbers

I know there are now several pit maps with actual team numbers (not the “pit address” things) but I finished the rest of the divisions in the same format as I did Curie, Newton, and Carson this morning, and figured I might as well post them. Here’s an example of what they look like (the links below are to larger pictures):

Overall (for divisions):

If you’d like to print them, the 2 pdf files below have all the maps, with the vertical maps in one and the horizontal ones in the other. The excel file I used to create them is also below if you’re looking for something searchable.

Disclaimer: these are not official and it’s entirely possible that there are mistakes. They are also not to scale, and this is most obvious with long columns of teams. Archimedes’s is missing 2 teams, but they’re not listed on the app and I didn’t want to guess where they go. Let me know if you find any mistakes and I’ll try to correct them as soon as I can.

pit_maps_all.xlsx (53.9 KB)
carver_curie_hopper_newton_pit_maps.pdf (315 KB)
archimedes_tesla_carson_galileo_pit_maps.pdf (328 KB)

pit_maps_all.xlsx (53.9 KB)
carver_curie_hopper_newton_pit_maps.pdf (315 KB)
archimedes_tesla_carson_galileo_pit_maps.pdf (328 KB)

Finally, an easy to use pit map! However, I think I found two mistakes with Galileo. 4290 should be in the middle(second down from the top) of the column, at least that’s what it looks like on my phone. The second mistake is 179 at K33. 179 is in Newton at A24.

You might want to recheck the Tesla map. For example, I do notice teams are missing, like 1250, and the entire R column has incorrect teams for every pit.

Thanks for catching these. I fixed K33 (should be 279) and the R column (probably a column that I copied over from a different division and forgot to replace), which is where 1250 was. I’m still getting 4290 in N31 though–could someone confirm if this is correct?

I believe I replaced all the affected images/files, but let me know if I missed something or if you find any other mistakes.

It appears I made a mistake here. I just rechecked, and 4290 is third down from the top of that column, N31. Sorry for any inconvenience!