Change drive letter with HTML

Hi all, I’m working on my website and wish to access another hard drive from the webpage, the other harddrive has shareware and other programs and a larger harddrive than the one my site is defaulted to. Is there ( I HOPE) html code which i can use to switch to another harddrive? Or does anyone have another idea as to how I can access the other harddrive(s) using links with my website?

Unfortunately, I think this is a larger problem than you might realize.

I’m assuming you want this website to be accessible from the web. And therefore, your computer will also need to somehow be accessible.

This means you’ll need to install some kind of web-server program on your machine. (Apache or SimpleServer for example…) 'least I think it’s called “SimpleServer”… haven’t used it in years in favour of Apache :stuck_out_tongue:

AND THEN, people would connect to that computer via its IP address. (i.e. HOWEVER, if your computer uses a dynamic IP (that is, the IP changes each time you connect) then you’d need to setup a redirect that sends the person to your new IP automatically ( will do this for you)

And once that’s all done, you might want consider throwing on a firewall since your computer is now accessible from the net.

And to top it all off, while this computer might have a larger hard disk, its bandwidth I’m assuming is going to be rather limited. For example, many broadband connections have an UPLOAD bandwidth of around 200kilobits/second. (note that this is different than your DOWNLOAD bandwidth) And this is in kilobits… so it’d 25kilobytes/second… and that’s to a single person. This number is split as more people access your site.

Maybe some cleverly written virus exploiting one of IE’s problems can do that… but in general…


No html should be able to change ANY of my system settings.

Ok, sorry, i guess I missed telling some of my specs. This computer is a dual AMD 2ghz with 1/2 gig mem, win XP Pro with apache running on it very stable. 80 GB hd split 15-20-25 (approx.).

this computer is already accessable online or .
The first is newly registered :slight_smile:

I have 400kbps (44.4KBps) sDSL, thus static IP. tested it is that fast, if not faster sometimes ( itwas 2.1 mbps for about a day then 1.5 for 2 weeks, accidently :slight_smile: ) so I do not have any bandwith worries, if its gets sluggish I’ll just up the speed for a little more cost. (have any money you would like to donate?). I need the HTML coding to access the other harddrives via the web by someone linking around my site.

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by “access the other harddrives via the web by someone linking around my site.” but I assume you mean have files on the other harddrive be web accesible. The directories that are web accesible on your computer are set in Apache. I’m not sure exactly what the setting will be, but somewhere in the config file, etc, you can map a directory/drive to a web accesible directory.

thanks, thats what I want to do. I didn’t think about something in apache’s config file. I’ll try that. Thanks again

ok, looking on apache’s website and looking through the config file I am unable to find the syntax to alias to the other drives. Please help!

If your website is hosted on one computer say and you have other files on a computer that also has an ip address or a DNS name, than just link to your files from the main site to the secondary site like this: < a href=“http://Example2/ExampleProgram.exe”>Text</a>

<edit> OK… so after re-reading the thread is your problem not knowing how to edit the apache config file? </>

What you need to setup is called an alias. Technically, an alias maps to a directory that is not in the web server’s document root. I would try modifying the Apache config file with something like the following:

Alias /shareware_dir "X:\shareware\"
<Directory "X:\shareware">
       Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews ExecCGI
       AllowOverride All
       Order allow,deny
       Allow from all

ok, I tried that, I’m not getting it to work, I’ve changed my coding and directories to shareware to make it a little easier, within the above code I changed x to d because the files I want to access are on my d drive. What am I missing? Alias’ are loaded.

Have you tried restarting Apache? Configurations files are loaded only on a [re]start. If you don’t know how to restart Apache, just restart your computer.

Ok, I’ve tried everything I can think of and have restarted after each change of the config file. I decided since I have FTP setup to just use that. Thanks for everyone’s help, I have have another suggestion other than FTP let me know. You can access my site at What i’ve been working on is at the bottom “downoads” I have some stuff more to come, if you have something you’d like to have posted let me know and i can give you access to a directory to upload a file or files.