Change forum name?

As National Instruments is going to provide a RT Linux replacement for WRS VxWorks, perhaps we could rename the forum to just C++?


definitely. WindRiver is officially out.

As this never happened before build season, I’d like to bump this thread for recognition. WindRiver is officially out, so some rookies team may be confused by this subforums name, and also the fact that since WindRiver is gone it should get totally phased out. Request again to change forum name to Eclipse C++, or just C++.

I vote for just “C++” - to match other sister subforums: “Java”, “Python”, etc. Eclipse is just another IDE like Windriver.

I agree. Definitely not a matter of life or death, but for rookies sake and clarity, I feel like this should be changed with relative haste.

Changed to “C/C++”, which hopefully doesn’t cause a lot of discord. Let me know if you absolutely can’t live with the change.