Change in animation meeting time

5-6: Animation meeting
I had originally planned for the animation meeting to be from 2-3, but why not make it later so when we’re done we can all head over as a group to the animation presentation from 6-7 at the Einstein stage? Oh, and someone’s gonna get some kind of award for helping out the FIRSTanimators in the message boards. I can’t guarantee who it’s gonna be or what the award is yet, but it’s going to be something.

This is due to the reason stated above, and because earlier in the day, I’m going to try and experiment with an event right here:

So is everything cool with that?

-Robby O
FIRSTanimators Moderator
[email protected]

Can’t wait and hopefully there will be a lot of people there. In LA when we had that animation judging thing only 15 people showed up and out of those people only 4 or 5 actually knew what they were there for. I might be wrong with the numbers just a bit though.

So when and where is the meeting? if its 6-7 isnt that the same time as the autodesk thing??? jw im kinda clueless on this thread