Change team number for off-season event

We are competing in an off-season event with two robots. We have been asked to change our second robot team number to 9123. What do we need to do to make sure the FMS knows our robot’s new team number. I’m assuming that just changing the radio to 9123 when we program it at the competition will not be enough.

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We recently had to do this overhaul and IIRC correctly there is a bit more that needs to change. Make sure the laptop driving that robot has the driver station team number changed. Radio flashing will happen at comp so that’s not too much of a worry, but we had a struggle with changing something in the roborio. I wasn’t too involved with the changing of team number on the rio side of things so hopefully someone else can elaborate on this process.

Also no expert here, but I believe you just change it on the roborio, then when you flash the radio just input that changed team number. Event staff would always be able to help you too.

Off the top of my head:
-driver station
-limelight (if you have one)
-the vs code project (I think just in the wpilib preference json, but I’m not sure)


Yes, all you need to do for the off-season event is change your team number on your rio with the Roborio imaging tool, and configure your radio to that number when your at the event. Change your driverstation number. Finally, when deploying code make sure it is being deployed to the rio with the correct team number.

You might want to check with the event again, the “official” offseason test team numbers are 9990 - 9999. If you are using a real FMS at the event it will not let you use 9123 because it’s not in the database and you may not use a real team’s number.