Change Tradition at the Wrap Party

just wanted to know how many of you think that it’ll be cool for first to bring a band or town down along with a dj to the wrap party saturday night. this is my forth year going down there and the past three years have been the same and it’s getting old having just a dj.

sure…y not…lemme ask you this

what kind of band are u gonna bring though…?
People are gonna complain no matter who you bring… :wink:

Yea. wut Joe (Hazey boy above me) said… DJ’s are aiight as long as they specialize… i’m a techno boy myself (house, trance, Jungle, etc) but a punk at heart… so unless its a punk band or a house DJ… u’ll hear me makin some noise…

The risk with having a band is that everyone might not like them.

With a Dj there will be MORE variety (altho with some DJ’s not a lot), so more people will probably be pleased.

I say you get a band, have them play a song or two…bring the DJ out…play a set of songs, then switch again…all the band has to do is plug ONE cord into their instruments…wouldn’t take long and everyone would be happy and the band would pump EVERYONE up…no matter what kind of music it is!!!

ohm my…

yeh, a band would be great. a live show is much more exciteing than a dj. and if they did bring a band it would probebly be somethin popy cause thats what they think everyone likes. if they got a band that played decent music that would be great.

ha, the DJ from nats was so terrible (not me) that people were taking huge chunks from the 6 foot subs and chucking them at his area where he was set up at…it was a really funny sight…but he kind of ruined the party…