Changes in Store for Unsung FIRST Heroes

Changes in Store for Unsung FIRST Heroes

The UFH Committee has worked with Brandon Martus and the ChiefDelphi Forums to bring you a bit of an incentive for nominating your favorite mentors, your inspiring peers, and the folks in FIRST that you have come to admire. Under our new policy, when you nominate someone for the Unsung FIRST Heroes Award, you’ll receive reputation points for your efforts.

    …But with all good things come limitations.  **PLEASE read these criteria **before you email us with your questions, comments, complaints, etc.
  • When you nominate someone for the award, you will receive 5
    points for your good deed. - Should your nominee make it to the second round of voting, you will receive 10 more points
    . - If your nominee has been voted on and the committee decides that they deserve to be honored as an Unsung FIRST Hero, you will receive an additional 30 points
    . - All Unsung FIRST Heroes Award winners, past and future, will be awarded with 100 reputation points.

We feel that if someone has taken the time and the effort to nominate someone they respect and think deserves this award, they should also be awarded in some small way. This award would not exist without nominations from the general FIRST public. However, we are taking preventative measures so that this system will not be abused.

   A person may only nominate someone **four times** and still receive points for it. You may write as many nominations as you’d like, but only four of those nominations will gain you reputation points. 

Should someone post a nomination from or for a fake name (i.e., a duplicate name on the forums to nominate themselves with a non-serious nomination, or nominating someone who does not exist), those situations will be dealt with accordingly. Please do not hesitate to nominate yourself if you think you deserve this award – your nomination will be judged just as fairly as if it were written by someone else.

Also, in honor of Woodie Flowers Award winners, UFH is doing a special favor for them, too. All past WFA winners will receive 300 points for their mentorship. At present, all Regional WFA winners from now on will receive 100 points for their efforts, and the National winner will still receive 300 points.

Finally, questions or comments should NOT be handled by UFH moderators, ChiefDelphi moderators, or Brandon Martus. Please direct your comments or questions to Amanda Morrison. There also is a FAQ for the UFH now, also.

   Thank you, and please contribute to the Unsung FIRST Heroes Award!

…maybe it’d be possible to award reputation points to those who’re nominated as well?

It is possible.
Quite simple really.
The nominees simply need to get the UFH honor.