changing bumper colours

we are thinking of using velcro to quickly change the colours of the bumpers on our robot. however we are not sure if it is the most effective or durable way to change the colours so that they will not come off during the match. any other suggestions?

We are going with two sets of bumpers.

We’re gonna try and use these:

We are planning on using a cover with velcro as well. Our debate is on which color should we use for the bumpers and which for the cover.

Our team colors are red and black (red camo). I though it would be good to have the base red so we wouldn’t have to worry at all about the cover for off seasons and demos – the robot would still be in our normal color scheme. But if we use the velcro, making the cover red and the base bumpers blue might be more attractive because the velcro won’t be visible when the cover is on. So now I’m looking for red Velcro I can have the red bumpers pretty even when the Velcro shows on the back of them.

I would strongly sugest not using those brackets. I have used them before on my dads boat, and have found that they easily jam and then break when you try to remove them. They are built to hold loose canvas together, not take a beating like the bumpers will.

You guys need to find red and blue camo. That would be awesome!

Somebody really needs to read the rules.


Yeah, your bumpers have to be the same colour as the aliance that you are apart of. So you should be able to quickly switch the colour of you bumpers.

If you plan on using velcro, I would highly recommend the industrial strength stuff from Homedepot. We picked some up last year and that stuff is extremely strong!

Good luck!

Not against the rules to have their numbers in the camo, now is it?

Dave is referring to <R07>F:

The fabric covering the BUMPERS must be solid red or solid blue in color. Visually, the red or blue must be as close to the corresponding color in the FIRST logo as reasonable (i.e. to a reasonably astute observer, they appear similar). The only markings permitted on the BUMPER fabric cover are the team number (see Rule <R15>).

Note the “solid red or solid blue”. Camo is not a solid color - it’s an overlay of multiple colors, and would additionally count as markings other than the team number.

I did not say anything in the previous post about covering the entire bumper in the colors. Now did I?

Where can you legally put the velcro? If you can put it on top and bottom of bumper,does it have to match that bumper color? Could you cut your numbers out of velcro for added holding power?

Shhh, Alex. Now you are giving away our secret plan. :wink:

Oh, pooh, now you are going to make me go re-read the rules to make sure there isn’t something against having velcro on the outside of the bumpers!

I envisioned having the soft part of the velcro on the bumper backs or top edges as needed, depending on how they are mounted. For aesthetics, I am trying to find a velcro to match the color.

Base camo and have a removable red and blue:D

That’s what I am mulling over in my brain and will talk to our lead mentor about tomorrow. We have tie dyed our bumper fabric in the past and for demo purposes after the competition season, we would prefer to have the purple tie dye bumpers. I think the weight of the additional fabric will not be that much more, but it will need to be considered and factored in.

For those using removable bumper covers, don’t forget this rule as well:

<G41> a. Bumper covers must not detach, even unintentionally, from the ROBOT. Violation: PENALTY.

That’s what I was thinking

seems like the thing my team will ignore until the last minute.

Unfortunately, the rules require you to have a base red or base blue. <R07-F>.

Make camo covers for demos.

I’m reading <R07-F>. Can you point out where it says, base red or base blue? I’m not arguing, I’m asking.